• Posted Feb 2, 2014
We were asked by the marketing firm who controls the advertising dollars for the Raccoon River Trail Association to showcase what BIKEIOWA did to advertise their trail last year.

We figured this may be good for all to see.

This is the information we provided them.


Here are some Exposure "Hits & Views" specifics for the Raccoon River Trail Association over the last year.
As you can see there are MANY ways that we expose the Raccoon River Vally Trail and the cities it travels through as well as the businesses along the trail.

Latest Raccoon River Vally News
You can see the number of posts per month and the views for each News Item
Raccoon River Valley Trail Portal
This is a mini-site dedicated to showcase the the RRVT Trail. News, Features, Events, Reviews, Blogs and Links are included here. There is also a section for "Connecting Trails" for a little more cross-selling.

Cities along the Raccoon River Valley Trail Portals
Each city that the RRVT travels through has their own portal as well.
We won't list all the links here, but look to the right side of the Trail portal page and you'll see a section for "Browse Cities".
Each City portal is similar to the Trail portals for content.

There are two ways the RRVT gets tagged. One for the Trail and one for the Association.
Scroll down to the "Rs" to see the number of tags. Click on the Tag to see all the posts

Most Popular (viewed) Trails
The RRVT is definitely in the Top 10 and most of the time in the Top 5.

Go here check out all the RRVT mentions. There are hundreds.

RRVT Sponsor Page
A special page just for the RRVT Assoc. that includes a related Content Link (260+ mentions)

RRVT Premier Sponsor
The RRVT has the top level of sponsorship available on BIKEIOWA. The sponsor logos load randomly on each page refresh.

RRVT Banners
There are 4 side banners in random rotation on almost every page, and there is a Sponsor carousel at the bottom that loads randomly on each page as well. All banners are linked to the sponsor page for more detail.

Social Media
We remain very active in the most popular social media platforms.
Facebook = 5653 followers:
Twitter = 2955 followers:


We also want to reiterate that anyone can sign up for a BIKEIOWA profile and start posting Events, News, Features, Reviews, Links, Comments and more regardless if they advertise with BIKEIOWA or not. We think BIKEIOWA is a great avenue for any town, trail, county or business to "get their word out" on what is going on. We are starting to see increased usage from various towns and trail systems in Iowa, but it could be a ton more if they used BIKEIOWA as a resource that it is. Remember - Events don't have to be rides; they can be meetings, fundraisers, destinations etc.

Thanks for using BikeIowa!!
Scott Sumpter
_ __o
___ `\<,
- O/ O

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