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Fri May 27 2016 - Sun May 29 2016 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM


Main Street Ottumwa
Ottumwa, IA


The Happy Mutant



Distance - 100-300 miles

The Happy Mutant returns to Iowa this spring with two adventure races in, and around, Ottumwa. The HMARS: Olmitz Miner will be a 72-hour/300-mile race. The HM Adventure Challenge will cover about 100 miles in 24 hours.

If you build it they will come.” That’s been the battle cry of Iowa since that movie came out. Iowa is flat. Common myth debunked. Nothing there but corn…We have beans too! The Happy Mutants are stoked to be hosting a Series event in our home state.

Think that 300 miles in Iowa will be flat? Boring? Not a challenging way to spend your weekend? Come see what life in the Midwest is all about…hospitality so sweet you get cavities! Ottumwa will be our home base for this 72-hour/300 mile USARA Regional Qualifier and they are rolling out the red carpet with a prologue event that will be a blast to be a part of. Keeping with the historic aspect of the HMAR Series it is entirely possible for our racers to walk in the same fields that were traversed by the Mormons as they trekked across Iowa. The south/central region of Iowa holds cultural treasures, ghost towns and fields of amber waving grain.

Teams of two or four people and individuals (must have HM approval prior to registering) will be subjected to paddling on both flat and moving water, riding on all manner of surface (think the worst level B roads around) and hiking through parks and brambles and thickets as well as nettles to keep your senses sharp as they navigate from check point to check point around the clock.

UPDATE 3/23/16
The course isn’t completely finalized yet, but looking like 50-70 miles paddling, 40-60 miles trekking and 180+ on the bike. All numbers subject to change.

The paddle sections will utilize aluminum canoes from a variety of outfitters. Canoe selection will be based on first come choice.

While you can ride any style bike you choose (mountain, cyclocross, tri, fat, etc) we suggest a mountain style. Ride what you bring, but bring plenty of tubes.

Iowa is not blessed with massive land features for navigational hand rails.

Iowa is not blessed with long flat or uphill stretches for the bike or hike (or paddle for that matter). While the elevation between the high and low points on the course may be less than 500 feet, you can expect an elevation loss/gain of close to 25,000-30,000 feet over the course of the race.

Gear boxes will be limited to two (2) 35-gallon Action Packer style bins per team per the mandatory gear list.


Registration Link:

Race HQ: Main Street Ottumwa

Host Hotel: American Inn

Schedule (subject to change)

May 27 10:00 am – 4:00 pm  Check-in

5:00 pm    Prerace Meeting

6:30 pm    Prologue


GEAR LIST (updated 3/23/2016)

Race Teams will provide two (2) gear boxes to be available at TA’s.

Mandatory Personal Gear & Equipment (must be carried at all times)
Item Quantity Notes
HMARS Bib 1 Provided by race management
Backpack 1 Large enough to carry all personal gear
Bladder/Bottles 3L Must be have ability to carry up to three liters
Headlamp 1 spare batteries suggested
Knife 1 2? blade, folding acceptable
Survival blanket 1
Whistle 1 pea-less and accessible
Water Purification natural water sources available, purification recommended
Water-proof Shell 1 Seam-sealed
Emergency mirror 1

Suggested Personal Gear & Equipment
Synthetic base layer
Hat with a brim
Beanie or Buff style headwear
Sleeping Bag
Electrolyte tablets
Water-proof map case

Mandatory Team Gear & Equipment
Item                              Quantity                                   Notes
Compass                      2
Dry Bag                        1                                                 For emergency mobile phone and two-way radio
Two-way Radio          1                                                 Provided by race management, will be sealed
Mobile phone             1                                                 Sealed for emergency use only
Race maps/passport 1                                                 Provided by race management
Trowel                           1                                                Burying waste on course
Emergency smoke signals    2                                    Provided by race management, collected at the finish line

Suggested Team Gear & Equipment
Tent/Shelter Sufficient to fit entire team
Backup headlamp
Sleeping bag

Mandatory Personal Mountainbike Gear & Equipment
Item                                 Quantity                               Notes
Bike                                  1                                            We strongly suggest a “mountain bike”, but you can ride what you bring
Helmet                            1                                             Certified, will be inspected
Front light                      1                                             White light, will accept helmet mounted lights
Rear flashing light        1                                               Red light, must be on at all times (day or night) while on the bike

Mandatory Team Mountainbike Gear & Equipment
Bike repair kit Tools and materials to fix bike while on course
CO2 or pump To inflate tubes while on course

Suggested Mountainbike gear and Equipment
Spare inner tubes (even if you run tubeless tires)
Spare chain links
Patch kit

Mandatory Paddle Gear

Coast Guard Approved Type III PFD   1 per team member

Kayak or Canoe Paddle 1 per team member

Kayak/Canoe (provided by race management)

Safety Throw Bag

Suggested Paddle Gear

Dry Top/Dry Suit

Neoprene Gloves

Mandatory First Aid Kit (based on USARA guidelines)
2×2 Sterile dressing 8
3×4 non-adherant dressing 2
Conforming gauze bandage 1
1×3 Adhesive bandage 4
Knuckle adhesive bandage 3
Adhesive/Duct tape (1/2 inch) 10 yards
Ace bandage 1
Ibprofen (200mg) 8
Antihistamine 2
Afterbite sting relief 2
Moleskin 1
Towelettes 5
Antibiotic ointment 3 oz
Tincture of Bensoin 1
Butterfly bandage 3
Safety gloves 2 pair
Tweezer 1
Safety pins 3
Alosak 2



Main Street Ottumwa

333 Main
Ottumwa, IA 




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