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Sat Jul 08 2017 - Sun Jul 09 2017 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Avon, Colorado
Avon, CO


Team Evergreen



Distance - 120 miles

The Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride, presented by Team Evergreen Cycling, is recognized as one of the premier cycling events across the country and takes place July 8-9, 2017. A one or two-day cycling event, celebrating its 29th Anniversary, the Triple Bypass takes cyclists on a gorgeous tour through the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

If you are an Iowan with a passion for cycling and challenging rides, then the Triple Bypass is probably on your bucket list. Riders go over three mountain passes and experience gorgeous Colorado mountain views and exhilarating descents.

The Triple Bypass truly is an epic Rocky Mountain ride! It is fully supported and features breathtaking views, including the Continental Divide, gradual mountain climbs and thrilling descents on closed roads, aid stations about every 20 miles and friendly volunteers and staff. Plus, each registered cyclist receives an exclusive Triple Bypass jersey designed by Primal and a finisher medal.

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Saturday - July 9th

On Saturday July 8th, 2017 the Triple Bypass ride heads WEST from Evergreen and concludes in Avon over three mountain passes. The ride is 120 miles from Evergreen (Bergen Park) over Juniper Pass (11,140 ft.), Loveland Pass (11,990 ft.), Swan Mountain and Vail Pass (10,560 ft.), concluding in Avon. The ride has over 10,000 ft. of challenging elevation gain!

Sunday - July 10th

On Sunday July 9th, 2017 the Triple Bypass heads EAST, starting in Avon, over 3 mountain passes. The ride is 120 miles from Avon (Nottingham Park) over Vail Pass (10,560 ft.), Swan Mountain, Loveland Pass (11,990 ft.) and Juniper Pass (11,140 ft.) concluding in Evergreen (Buchanan Park). Enjoy the long 35 mile descent from the top of Loveland Pass to Idaho Springs! The ride has over 10,000 ft. of challenging elevation gain!

The Double

For those truly interested in a heart-pounding experience, riders can take the challenge of the Double Triple Bypass and ride both days of the weekend. The Double Triple is the ultimate bicycle ride challenge, traveling 240 miles with 20,000' of climbing over the course of the weekend. For your accomplishment, Double riders receive their own unique jersey, extra swag, and additional gear drop-off during the ride.

No mass start - Cyclists can start anytime between 5am and 8am.


Avon, Colorado

Avon, Colorado
Avon, CO 




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