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Sat Jun 09 2018 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


City of Robins, IA City Hall
Robins, IA


Robins Civic Club


Trail Ride

Distance - County Home Route - Approximately 4 miles Round-trip / Optional Route on Boyson Road Trail Head 8 miles Round-trip

The City of Robin's Civic Club is inviting cyclist to come out for our Annual Family Bike ride. Part of the Robin's Roundup Festival, the bike ride is an opportunity for young riders, family and friends to enjoy the outdoors in summer spirit. Water station and bananas will be available at the County Home Road stop as well as air pump station (located by the TEAM WASP RAGBRAI BUS). The ride is approximately 4 miles round-trip. An add-on route to the Boyson Road Trail-head is available for those who want extra miles. After the ride, join us at 4pm in Troy Park for carnival games, food, music, entertainment and fireworks.

As a reminder, Trail Safety and Enjoyment: 
  • Be considerate of other trail users
  • Wear your helmet and other safety equipment
  • Keep to the right to allow others to pass 
  • Always pass on the left after checking both directions to know it's safe to pass
  • Announce your presence to others when approaching (i.e. Passing on your left")
  • Obey all traffic signs at road intersections
  • Rest frequently to avoid fatigue and drink fluids
  • Don't wear headphones for ability to hear trail traffic

All are welcome! Follow the Robin's Civic Club Facebook page for cancellations due to weather (day of event) and/or 

Please consider attending all our festivities (flyer attached) for the Robin's Roundup June 8th and 9th including : 
  • Kids Color Run 
  • 5k Twilight Walk/Run
  • Parade
  • Carnival and Music in the Park


  • Meet at Robin's City Hall to Main Street Trail head (Cedar Valley Nature Trail)
  • Main Street Trail head to County Home Road Trail head (Approx 2 miles)
  • County Home Road Trail head back to Main Street (Approx 2 miles)
  • Optional Route for extra miles : Main Street to Boyson Road Trail head and back to Main Street (Appox 4 miles roundtrip)


City of Robins, IA City Hall

265 S 2nd Street
Robins, IA 52328





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