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Sat Oct 30 2021 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


North Sycamore Access/boat ramp lot
Johnston, IA


Mike Beck


Trail Ride

Distance - Possibly endless

EVENT CHANGE: Rain is going to make an off-road ride not possible ??. So we are changing to the Neil Smith paved trail. Everything else will be the same for the ride. Parking will be at the North Sycamore Access/boat ramp parking lot. Bring cell phone it will be needed for the scavenger hunt. Still should be a good time even though we can’t ride dirt. See everyone on Saturday night. 

Are you scared of the dark? If not come join us for a Halloween Mtb ride and Scavenger hunt at Neil Smith trail on October 30. There will be lots of good prizes to be given away. So far we have prize donations from Capt Roys…BIKEIOWA…Kyle’s Bikes…Firetrucker Brewery so far. Rules of the hunt will be given out at the north sycamore access / boat ramp lot night of ride.   

Also very important info:

Riders undertake this ride at their own risk. You are responsible for you out there. 

Be safe, courteous to other riders following or in passing on the trail. 

Helmets must be worn at all times while out riding. 

Working headlamp is also a must. It will be very dark out there so make sure to have a good light on the bike and also good to have a helmet light also. Taillights are ok too if they are not blinding riders behind you. (So if you have a 5000 lumin taillight maybe leave that at home)

Also there is wildlife out there so be on the lookout for deer..turkey…beaver …mountain lion…(never seen one but I suppose anything is possible.) 

This ride is all for fun. We don’t need to that guy out to try and beat a Strava segment out there either.  

Lastly this is a free to enter ride but if you can or would like to donate some food on your own or money donation to a local food pantry that would be great. Don’t bring anything the night of the ride please we won’t have the time or place to store it. 

Any other questions about the ride please feel free to message me or if you would be interested in helping out. Thank you hope to see everyone on the 30th.



North Sycamore Access/boat ramp lot

Neil Smith trail
Johnston, IA 50131




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