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Sat Jan 14 2023 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM


7 Hills Brewing Company, Event Center
Dubuque, IA


Tri-state Mountain Bike Riders


Thank you for participating in our snowless Triple D 2023 and supporting TMBR!  The weather always surprises and this year the word was MILD.  We loved hearing all the stories from the day and the adventures had from the wicked fast runs and rides.

2023 Race results are here.  If you see errors - please reach out - our fancy manual timing system sometimes has typos.

Bob Edwards Photography was on course again this year - thank you for the photos.  Some additional photos made it to our Facebook page.  And a big shout out to our Sponsors - especially Bicycle World who got our first place female in the 35 mile Double D rolling just before race time!.   If you talk to any of our sponsors be sure to thank them!!!

Tell all your friends and save the date - see you on January 13, 2024!

If you have any feedback on things we should keep or change up - please let us know!!!

Mark Stender
Race Director


Fat Bike

Distance - 70- / 35- / 17-mile Race Routes

Whether you’re juggling water bottles as you skate down Heritage Trail, or balancing a tight-rope as you cross a thin bridge on the bike route, there is something for riders of all ability levels at the Triple D Winter Endurance Race! 
What you do need to know about the race – it is a bit of a circus… but that is by design! As you traverse the scenic route by bike or by foot, you’ll receive little support.


Triple D // 70-mile
Double D // 35-mile
Half Double D // 17-mile


7 Hills Brewing Company, Event Center

1098 Jackson Street
Dubuque, IA 52001



70-mile Triple D Bike Race / $75-$90
35-mile Double D Bike Race / $65-$80
17-mile Half Double D Race / $45-$55


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