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Sun Sep 03 2023 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Colesburg City Park
Colesburg, IA


Colesburg Back 40


I’ve finally had time to catch my breath and catch up on much needed sleep.
As I look back at the 2023 pre, during, and post Colesburg Back 40 race, I can’t help but feel so grateful to so many people, who helped me pull this off.
Biggest thank you to Ross Lemery, Brad Ellis, Shelly Farrand, Alicia Grove, and my parents.
I’ve had so many racers reach out to me and compliment me on how great the volunteers were. I totally agree.
I honestly can’t list everyone because I’d feel horrible if I missed 1 person.
Instead I gathered all the pictures I have, showing lots of volunteers.
Thanks to everyone who helped at the aid stations as well as Pirate Hill.
What I’m lacking are pictures of the aid stations. If anyone has some, would you please send them so I can add them to this post.
Thanks so much to everyone who played a part, big or small, to help make 2023 a success.
(Can we agree to forget about how hot it was?) ??



Distance - 25, 45, 60, 100, 200

This year is the 30th Anniversary of the oldest gravel race in the Midwest. 
All races are on September 3rd except for the Iowa’s Hardest 200 which starts September 2nd at 10:00 pm
This driftless Iowa tradition offers 5 different challenging races through the Clayton/Delaware county region.  Along the way, you’ll see some of the most amazing and breathtaking scenery, Iowa has to offer. It’ll make you question, is this actually Iowa????
So whether it’s the spectacular countryside views or your lack of proper training, this race is sure to take your breath away. 
Well known gravel guru Cole Ledbetter termed this race as having the biggest nastiest climbs he has ever ridden in Iowa, gravel or paved. 
With the level B and unique level C roads, is this a gravel race, or an actual gravel adventure?  You’ll have to decide. 

Aid stations with Mother’s home baked goods, on each route. 
On-site mechanic sponsored by Bicycle World out of Dubuque, IA

Guest appearance by The Chequamegon Pirates - yes, they’ll be claiming a hill. 

Largest prize table you’ve ever seen. 
Awards ceremony with spectacular podium prizes. 
Camping, food, and music. 

So saddle up, prepare well, and join us September 3rd for a good ‘ol’ gravel battle. 
Don’t forget to bring:
Your legs
Your friend’s legs
Your neighbor’s legs
Actually, just bring all the legs there are. 

All proceeds are donated back to the community.


Route information will be emailed after registration 

$50 - 25 mile Women’s open 11:30 am start time
$50 - 25 mile Men’s open 11:30 am start time
$50 - 45 mile Women’s open 11:00 am start time
$50 - 45 mile Men’s open 11:00 am start time
$50 - 45 mile Women’s Single speed 11:00 am start time
$50 - 45 mile Men’s Single speed 11:00 am start time
$75 - 45 mile Tandem 11:00 am start time
$50 - 60 mile Women’s open 10:00 am  start time
$50 - 60 mile Men’s open 10:00 am start time
$50 - 100 mile Women’s open 8:00 am start time
$50 - 100 mile Men’s open 8:00 am start time
$50 - 200 mile Women’s open Sept 2nd 10:00 pm start time
$50 - 200 mile Men’s open Sept 2nd 10:00 pm start time


Colesburg City Park

112 Parkview Ct
Colesburg, IA 52035



$50 - 25 mile Women’s open
$50 - 25 mile Men’s open
$50 - 45 mile Women’s open
$50 - 45 mile Men’s open
$50 - 45 mile Women’s Single speed
$50 - 45 mile Men’s Single speed
$75 - 45 mile Tandem
$50 - 60 mile Women’s open
$50 - 60 mile Men’s open
$50 - 100 mile Women’s open
$50 - 100 mile Men’s open
$50 - 200 mile Women’s open
$50 - 200 mile Men’s open


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