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Sun Oct 05 2014 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Lake Ahquabi State Park
Indianola, IA


Bruce Brown/Bob Matthews/Bike Iowa


From Bruce Brown - Race Coordinator...


Photos by Jeff Anker

After sleeping for 9 hours, I thought I would wrap up some thanks that I may not have uttered yesterday due to my week of sleep debt getting final things ready for the race. 

Here goes..... First of all - thank you to all 160 racers and their families who drove out to Lake Ahquabi yesterday to enjoy perfect weather and trail conditions for The Mullet Fall Classic. 

Thanks to all who brought potluck/beverages and enjoyed the season ending party. Ma Nature has been very kind to me over all the years I have hosted this event. Yesterday was no exception as we enjoyed 64 degrees and fall sunshine. Running the course counterclockwise with a new section or two provided some welcomed variety and a new challenge for all. 

Thank you to Bob Matthews for helping me this year again to bring you The Mullet Fall Classic. Amazingly, nobody called me Bob yesterday, and nobody called him Bruce. That's a first for us. ;-) I also would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers that helped out with this season ending effort for IMBCS. 

Paul VarnumChristy VarnumJessica Riedl, and DeniseBrian Fowler made the registration process efficient and painless. 

Kevin Betters, and Doc Finck handled the pre-race prize/schwag table and put smiles on peoples faces for winning something before they even hopped on their bike. 

Thanks to traffic control at our crossing, Ed and Pete kept the RV's and cars from ruining anyone's race day. 

Sherry Mace Zeiner, and Steve Fuller typed in all of your numbers for backup system #1 and #2 for timing results - thank you both so much!!! 

A big shout out to Christine Brennan Cooney for potluck organization. We actually had enough food this year and somehow, Brian was able to rotate the pots around with the help of others to keep all of the hot food hot! Yay!!!! 

Thanks to Brian Fowler, Andy PetersonScott Sumpter, Kevin Betters, Nick WoolleyAl BooneRon Cooney for help with set up and tear down. 

And all those that pitched in with tear down and clean up. Thanks. We left the place looking better than we found it. Course marking thanks to Nick Ludwig for helping me pound orange stakes on Friday

Thanks to Bob Matthews, Ron Cooney, and Kevin Welschfor Saturday's course marking. 

Thank you to Elvish Consulting for yet another excellent race scoring with their disposable chips, tiered backup system of numbers being keyed in, a video camera, and all of their problem solving to get the results right and results up for all to see in such quick fashion. 

Thanks to Sterling Heise and Rassy's for the use of the PA System. 

Thanks to sponsors Scheel's, and Oakley (Rob Versteegh) for schwag donation for The Mullet. 

Thanks to Josh Shipman and the Lake Ahquabi DNR staff for letting us take over Lake Ahquabi trails for a weekend, and help get the trails ready. The hard work of a volunteer core team helped bring these trails back from the July tornado damage. Bob Matthews, Kevin Welsh, Doc Finck, Al Boone, Ron Cooney, Christine Cooney, and yours truly put in a lot of hours to move trees, clear debris, trim, mow, fill in erosion spots, and get things back to where they were before all the summer damage. The work call morning last week of 22 of us were able to finish off with some nice final grooming to complete the course preparation. 

Thanks to Rich BuffetKiller Wince for the use of your generator. We needed it! Power was not working correctly in the shelter in spite of Brian and Bob's attempt. I'm sure I have missed a name or two for all those that chipped in to help. The IMBCS 2014 season is in the books (look for series winners announcement soon). 

The Mullet Fall Classic is complete. And we are all back at work again today. 

The trail should be in great shape this week for anyone who wants to take advantage of the route that is nice and worn in from over 1000 laps of tires. If you missed it, come on out this week and ride the trail to see what you missed. 

A final thanks to the donations for the IMBCS domain name annual fees, and website fund. We raised $120 and change which will be set aside in a separate fund. More news on the website soon to be released (and viewed by all of you)


Mountain Biking

Distance - 6.7 mile loop (1 lap for CAT 3, 2 laps for CAT 2, 3 laps for CAT 2 COMP, 4 laps for CAT 1; as many laps as possible for Marathon

The season ending race for the 2014 Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series will once again be held at Lake Ahquabi State Park.  It will feature a Marathon Category as well as the traditional Category 1, 2 and 3 XC Mountain Bike Races.  Readers of Momentum Magazine selected the 2012 and 2013 Mullet Fall Classic as the top mountain bike race.  This is one event you don't want to miss this year!!

Chip Timing is back this year!

No license required to ride this event as it is not a USAC sanctioned race.

The Mullet Fall Classic Mountain Bike Race will feature a 4 Hour Marathon (the marathon race starts at 11:00 a.m. and any lap begun before the clock hits 3:00 p.m. can be completed and counts!!!), and of course, the usual 2013 IMBCS XC race categories of Expert (4 laps), Comp (3 laps), Sport (2 laps), and Beginner (1 lap) to battle for the Mullet Classic Fall podium spots in their respective XC race categories.  Those races will take off in waves beginning at 1:00 p.m.  Toss in a FAT BIKE 2 lap race as one of the waves as well.  A short kids race for those 10 and under will begin at 3:30 pm - treats for all kids after crossing the finish line.

This race is Iowa's very own backwoods, super fast, fat tire XC race held on a course loop that rolls on the multi-use cross country ski, snowmobile, and hiking trail that circles Lake Ahquabi. This year features a 6.7 mile race loop that utilizes backwood sections of the wooded trails throughout Lake Ahquabi State Park to make for a scenic race filled with unique challenges.

There will be a post-race potlock, party, and festivities to put a nice stamp to the end of Oktoberfest.  Bring your bike.  Bring your hunger.  Bring your thirst.  'Nuff said.


The 6.7 mile loop includes a trip around Lake Ahquabi's multi-use trail with additional sections that include backwood trails. You will encounter gravel, dirt, roots, ruts, grass, logs, wooden bridges, climbs, fast descents and the best nature has to offer on this scenic course. The loop will be the perfect test of one's fitness with all of the full throttle speed and all of the climbing, but will not be technical in nature to scare off the entry level racer. In fact, this will be a perfect venue for first timers and experts alike. Come and join the fun!

Start/Finish area in front of the Beach Shelter.


Lake Ahquabi State Park

1650 118th Avenue
Indianola, IA 50125



Exact Registration is here at Timing Is Everything!

For the time being, calculated registration costs will be similar to last year listed below:

Entry Fee: *$15-35 range (to be determined and updated)

Marathon - $30 Pre-Registration/$35 Day of Race Registration

Expert Cat I - $30 Pre-Registration/$35 Day of Race Registration

Comp Cat II - $25 Pre-Registration/$30 Day of Race Registration

Sport Cat II - $25 Pre-Registration/$30 Day of Race Registration

Juniors 18 & Under in Cat II - $15 Pre-Registration/$20 Day of Race Registration

Beginner Cat III - $20 Pre-Registration/$25 Day of Race Registration

Online Registration Closes Friday, October 3rd at 4 pm.  We urge everyone to take advantage of the online registration to help expedite the number plate timing chip set up.


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