• Posted Oct 4, 2010

A super fast, fat tire XC race at Lake Ahquabi on Oct 10th. There is also a 40 mile relay category. Bring your beginner friends & family.

Lake Ahquabi (near Indianola) 10/10/10 This weekend is the Mullet Race/Ride/Relay, sponsored by U.ME COMPETE. A few more details... All Mullet racers, including Beginners, start at noon. Registration opens at 10:30 am. Don't forget about the 40 mile relay category! Bring your beginner friends & family to take on the (up to) 5 person relay category. The weather will be great, and the trees will be turning. Payouts: Female Featured Mullet 40 miler (solo) 1st: $300 2nd: $200 3rd: $125 4th: $100 5th: $50 Male Mullet 40 miler (solo) 1st: $200 2nd: $125 3rd: $100 4th: $75 5th: $50 Lots of schwag drawings, courtesy of some of our good friends here in DSM & greater WI area. "But I don't have a mountain bike!?" Relax, my mullet wearing friends. This course can be cyclo-crossed. No excuses... 10/10/10! T-shirts! We're doing a single printing of the Mullet Classic t-shirts. It's too late to do online registration, but if you know you're doing the race, let me know via email and we'll throw a shirt in with your entry fee. (include your name & size of shirt) But, (according to the Mullet Code of Conduct) if you send me an email and don't show at the race, I'm sending Jerome Rewarts & Pete Basso to collect $10... EMAIL: Course The course is taking shape, and the weather looks to be perfect - the Mullet likes the cooler temperatures so it doesn't stick to your back.... 2010 Lake Ahquabi Race Route can be seen drawn in blue here: Lots of folks are lending a hand and making this a cool event, be we need to say thanks especially to some good friends of the Mullet who are making this happen: U.ME COMPETE Jeff Lorenzen Saris Cycling And everyone needs to give Bruce Brown a big pat on the back for salvaging the course with hours & hours of hard work... The course will be marked this weekend if you plan on heading down early to check it out. Camping is available. Potato cannons might get you in trouble. The Mullet. Wear it with pride. On Facebook

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