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He was so much smoother and faster than the old bus he felt almost regal and when Gabrielle came up with "Sir Loin" we knew we had found the right name

BIKEIOWA strolled through the pasture with Patrick and Gabrielle of Team Cow. We wanted to know more about Sir Loin.

Tell us about Team Cow

My wife Gabrielle and I started the team in 2004. We actually already owned a bus that we had converted into an RV. Gabrielle was totally against me buying a school bus for a camper, but I used her love of collecting cows to convince her to let me buy a bus and kind of as a big joke to paint it like a cow. After doing our first RAGBRAI with a charter in 2003 we saw all the busses and asked ourselves why were riding with a charter when we already own a bus. So the next year I welded up the top party deck/bike carrier and started Team Cow - The Udder Team. It just snowballed from there and the rest is history.

Sir Loin - a bad-ass name for a bad-ass bus - How did you come up with the name. What was Sir Loin in its previous life?

We bought the bus online from Bus Mart and picked him up in Indiana. Our former bus was decidedly female and this new larger, tougher, bus felt decidedly male. While driving him back from Indiana we began brainstorming names. He was so much smoother and faster than the old bus he felt almost regal and when Gabrielle came up with "Sir Loin" we knew we had found the right name. His full name is actually "Sir Loin the Magnificent". He is single and looking for his soul cow. He is approx. 40 feet long. Born in 2002 he is a Thomas, flat front, rear engine diesel who loves children and hauled them around in his previous life. After being outfitted with his new party deck/bike carrier he is 13' 4" tall (just 2 inches shorter than most semi's).

How do you tell the difference between a Bull and a Cow?

You have to look underneath. 5 udders=cow, 1 udder=bull.

Sir Loin underwent a transformation in record time - What are some of the special amenities you've added to Sir Loin to make the USDA "Prime Cut"?

Obviously the 24' party deck/bike carrier, but also 21' awning, hot water heater, indoor shower, toilet, 53 gallon grey water holding tank and 53 gallon black. 65 gallon top deck and 30 gallon indoor fresh water tank. 6.5 cubic foot propane/electric refrigerator. The bus sleeps 6-7 (queen size bed in the back plus the couch and dinette make into a bed and also there is a custom cow hammock that hangs inside. Two super-quiet Honda generators power the two rooftop air conditioners. Future upgrades may include a kick-ass sound system.

How long did you have your old bus? What became of it?

We had the old bus for 10 years and 8 RAGBRAI's. We salvaged a few items from the old bus and used them on Sir Loin, one AC unit, the party deck, awning, and the hot water heater. The rest went to the junk yard for $150. See the farewell video here.

Sir Loin is HUGE - Whatcha need a trailer for?

Because Sir Loin also serves as our personal RV (we use it for camping all season long, not just for RAGBRAI) the inside is set up like an RV rather than a traditional RAGBRAI bus. Gabrielle and I, the driver and his wife, and the senior member of the team get to sleep inside in the AC and everyone else tents. Therefore there is not as much storage inside as you might think. The trailer hauls our 95-gallon team portapotty, outdoor shower, multiple coolers, and finally all the tents, tools and other gear. We are pretty self-contained and can park anywhere on RAGBRAI and still have toilets, showers, and fridge. We just need access to water to fill our tanks.

Do you see Spots After RAGBRAI?

We see spots year round, but the quantity and frequency often depends on how much Spotted Cow Beer one has consumed.

What else will you use Sir Loin for besides RAGBRAI?

(see above RE camping). Currently we are scheduled to drive him up to Dodgeville Wisconsin to participate in the Dairy Land Dare, which is the final leg of the Wisconsin Triple Crown endurance cycling challenge. We have five members or honorary members attending and sporting the Team Cow Jersey. We also hope to take Sir Loin to the Udder Century ride next year which is also in Wisconsin.

How do you like your Steak?

We prefer Pork or Chicken. It feels awfully cannibalistic to eat steak, but it sometimes happens.

From the Cow

We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship. We have been turned down by AE Dairy, Roberts Dairy, and Gateway computers. Next on our list to pursue is Maggie Moo's Ice Cream, Udder Bars, and Spotted Cow Beer.

Sir Loin Photos

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