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Where Bygone Fashion Meets Bicycles

The 3rd Annual Des Moines Tweed Ride will gather fashionable cyclists from all around the metro to celebrate cycling in style on Sunday November 11th 2011 at 10:30 a.m. at the Royal Mile.

This event is inspired by the spirit of a bygone era.

This is a short bike route, in preparation of the ride many have been shopping for tweed, plaid, herringbone and woolen clothing. This ride will start at the Royal Mile with stops at the State Capitol for a group picture, then Ichi Bike for refreshments and then ends at Royal Mile. Rain or shine or snow, many of last year's participants confirmed that nothing will stop them from coming together to celebrate fashion, cycling and party while listening to 1930s ragtime and swing music.

Many wonderful prizes will be along the way. This event is co-sponsored by the Royal Mile, Badowers, Ichi Bike, Bike Iowa, Classic Hats for Men (and Women), Des Bike Pedicab, Backcountry Outfitters, Dewars Scotch, Beefeater Gin and Newcastle.

Although the event is Free, it is strongly suggested that participants RSVP on the Facebook Event page of The 3rd Annual Des Moines Tweed Ride.



This ride's original name is The Tweed Run. This is a group bicycle ride through the centre of London, in which the cyclists are expected to dress in traditional British cycling attire, particularly tweed plus four suits.

Since the Tweed Run, various tweed rides, using a similar format, have since been held in places including San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and many others. Any bicycle is acceptable on the Tweed Run, but classic vintage bicycles are encouraged.

Some effort to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is always appreciated. (References : 1. ^ Cyclelicious (27 January 2009), A critical mass of well dressed cyclists,, 2. ^ Sparkes, Matthew (13 April 2010). "Doctor Who does nothing for tweed that cyclists haven't planned for months". The Guardian (London). 3. ^


Des Moines Annual Tweed Ride co-organizers Parady Boatwright and Tom Laughead both came up with the idea to hold the first Des Moines Tweed Ride in 2010 which about twenty cyclists attended. Laughead has worked for the past 38 years in the cycling industry and Boatwright has been involved in event planning for the past 15years

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