Anyone who knows Brent Johnson knows his passion is bicycling, and he wants to spread biking fever across the Cedar Valley.

He spends much of his own time trying to achieve that goal.

Johnson has owned Bike Tech, a downtown Cedar Falls bicycle shop, for nine years of its 19 years, since he bought it from founder Troy Meyeraan. Johnson is actively involved in efforts to make the area more “bicycle-friendly.”

“It’s part of my job,” Johnson, 35, said. “If I don’t advocate for better trails or on-street bike lanes, who will?”

Johnson volunteers much of his time pushing that cause not only because he thinks it’s good for an active community, but also because it’s good for business.

He readily acknowledges as much.

“It’s hard being that volunteer, because I obviously have a vested interest,” he said.

Make no mistake, though, Johnson says: He’s a biker first and a business owner second, and a bike-friendly region is good for the well-being of the entire community.


ALSO - Bike Tech is MOVING (their store around)... Mark your calendar for March 1st, 2015 as we open the doors on Bike Tech version 2.0. Bigger, better, and...bigger!

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