• Posted Sep 17, 2015

We are SUPER-PLEASED to announce that Iowa Beverage and Reeb Cycles have teamed up this year with the BIKEIOWA Cycling Team to offer one of their custom American-made bicycles to one lucky winner!

REEB was born as a middle finger to bike thieves and bikes built overseas. We think they are a great fit for Night Cap Cross on Sept 26th and 27th.

We'll have plenty of beer from
Oskar Blues Brewery too!

REEB Cycles

Did You know?

REEB is BEER spelled backwards... Pretty dang clever...

How do YOU win a REEB bicycle?

YOU MUST register for one of the races at Night Cap Cross, and YOU must be present to WIN.
For each race you register for, you get another chance to win. Sorry, the Klunker race does not qualify.

When you pick up your race number on Saturday, you'll be given a ticket for each race you've registered for.
If you race once on Saturday and once on Sunday, you'll get 2 tickets.
If you race twice on Saturday and none on Sunday, you'll get 2 tickets.
If you race once only on Sunday, you'll get 1 ticket.
If you race only on Sunday and are not there on Saturday, you won't get any tickets.

Get it?

We'll say it again.. YOU must be present to WIN.

When are we giving away the REEB?

Saturday night after the last race it over! (Sept 26th)

The last race is over at 11:00pm.

Once we give the Women their prizes and take a podium pic, it will be time... time to select ONE lucky winner!

We'll say it again.. YOU must be present to WIN.

REEB makes many types of bicycles - Which one do I get if I win?

Ahh.. what a keen eye you have... REEB will make a custom bike for YOU!

Since each REEB bicycle is 100% American-made and ALL CUSTOM, you my friend, will get a $3,500 credit toward any bicycle REEB makes!

Of course you can upgrade...! $3,500 will get you a REEB bicycle, but is is easy to get out of control with rad parts and accessories, so ALL costs above $3,500 will come out of your wallet.

If you win and choose not get a custom bike made, there is no cash value.

The REEB Bike line-up


The Original REEB, designed in ColoRADo for ColoRADo trail riding.


The fat bike that only a mother could love.

Dirt Diggler

Let’s sling a little mud, girl


Just like the Original REEB, only in Titanium


Just the same as the Donkadonk, except different.

The Sam’s Pants

REEB’s dirt road rippin’, monster crossin’, adventure tourin’, all ’rounder…


The bike that makes you feel like a kid again


The 20" REEB, designed by pro rider Zak Earley

About REEB

REEB was founded in 2011 by some folks at Oskar Blues Brewery who eat, breathe, sweat, and bleed bikes. When the boss man’s old bike was stolen, the do-it-yourself mentality that pervades OB took over, and a bike company was born. We knew that we could make the bikes we dream about, and get people excited about them in the process.

Our steel is American-made. Our small parts are American-made. Our frames are made by people you can talk to and share a beer with, in a place you can visit.

We do everything in house, in Longmont CO, from cutting the raw tubesets and welding up the basic frame to powder coating and frame prep. Our own bike shop, housed within the CyclHops Bike CANtina provides full service to all makes and models. We also have a full demo fleet, so you can try whichever bike tickles your fancy!

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