Rethinking tires: Skinny doesn't mean fast, fat doesn't mean slow, and some wider rubber might change your life. Here's why some racers and touring cyclists are sizing up without any loss of speed.

Skinny tires are best for racing, right? And ditto for touring—get those babies pumped up to 110 psi, please.

Whoa, not so fast. Or maybe we should say just as fast: wide and less pressure. And maybe more comfortable.

Wow, this certainly runs counter to the popular practice of selecting tires and tire pressure.

But check out these details—originally published in Road Bike Rider. The PDF attached is a reprint from Adventure Cyclist.

Certainly good coversation after your next ride.






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I've been running 42c on my cross bike exclusively for at least the last 35,000 miles. They are the perfect balance of roll, float, flat resistance and a plush 45psi.

#1 - paul_prentice posted Feb 6, 2016

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