• Posted Jul 16, 2018

Touted as "the world's most comfortable saddle", Selle Anatomica bicycle saddles are carved out of premium American leather. You will feel the difference.

Please Welcome Selle Anatomica as BIKEIOWA's newest sponsor.

Selle Anatomica is an American family-owned company who makes the the only saddle Made in America!

You're the kind of person that likes to spend as much time on your bicycle as possible. You love to ride. We believe a comfortable saddle helps you spend more hours doing what you love.

Resolve to go Farther, Harder, & Better. Comfortable Leather & Carbon Saddles. Comfort & Durability. Reducing Pressure & Pain. Leather & Carbon Seats. Range of Color Options.

You can buy online at or at select dealers in Iowa.

Use code "TDF2018" for 15% off your whole order* while the Tour De France 2018 is taking place!

What does Selle mean?

Selle means saddle in Italian. So, Selle Royale, Selle Italia and Selle San Marco are also using this great word! We
are not affiliated with any of these fine Italian companies.

30-Day Guarantee

Selle Anatomica has a 30 Day Comfort Fit Guarantee. If you don't like it, return it.


We own 5! We've been using these saddles since 2010. We've easily ridden 18,000 miles in the last 8 years on these saddles and are happy with our choice on every ride we take.

In fact, we still have our original saddle on our Salsa Vaya with a touring set-up. We have one on our Gravel bike. We have one on racing fat bike, one on our touring fat bike and one on a commuter. So we own 5 in total!

Our longest ride in one "setting" was 382 miles in June 2014 as we completed the Trans-Iowa Master's Program. Read our review here.

We are stoked to have Selle Anatomica as a sponsor !!

A great review by We agree with everything they say.


Selle Anatomica
11880 Community Rd, Suite 350
Poway, CA






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