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2019 was a banner year for promoting cycling in Iowa. LOTS happened and lots of changes!

If BIKEIOWA were a child, they'd be graduating high school and on their way to college or a good trade school... Or who knows, they might take a couple years off for some two-wheel travel before adult-life kicks in.

BIKEIOWA has been around for 18 years. EIGHTEEN! wow! 2020 will be our 19th year as an informational website dedicated to making cycling better in Iowa.

As we look back at almost two decades, a LOT has changed. 18 years ago, there were no cell phones, no Google, no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The internet was just a baby and your best place to find out about rides was Club newsletters and bulletin boards at your local bike shop. BIKEIOWA (e.g. CIBROC) was initially created to house a small list of events and has become home to the most comprehensive event calendar for Iowa bike rides and events. There are so many more trails and cycling amenities than there were in the early 2000s and we thought we had it pretty good back then!

2019 flew by as we enjoyed another year of promoting, advocating, writing, riding, racing and spending time with friends. Here are some statistics for 2019.

Our social media presence is still going strong with Facebook (13,095 followers), Instagram (3,221 followers) and Twitter (7,274 followers). It is definitely a time commitment, but we keep it fresh and frequent.

By the numbers

These numbers reflect new posts and changes for only 2019.
  • $5,815 - Merchandise given to local events and organizations to be used for fund raising, prizes, swag and awareness. We are able to make this happen with our great sponsors!
  • $1,420 - Dollars donated to directly cycling causes. Again, thanks to our great sponsors!
  • 706 - Events posted to the event calendar with 579,779 views.
  • 431 - News posted with 241,938 views.
  • 37 - Features posted with 57,952 views.
  • 32 - Reviews posted with 24,214 views.
  • 2 - Blog posts with 2,384 views.
  • 27 - New trails added with 11,699 views (294 trails in total with 2,446 total trail miles and 2.51 million lifetime views).
  • 63 - Trails updated with new information with 814,388 lifetime views.
  • 14 - New cities added with 8,440 views (1009 cities in total with 5.96 million lifetime views).
  • 27 - Site enhancements - mostly behind the scenes changes for better viewing on mobile devices, increased security, better validations and error handling.

We believe

We still believe that BIKEIOWA's event calendar is a worth-while cause to keep up. We realize not everyone is on social media and if they are they are most likely inundated with data. BIKEIOWA not only shows consistent data for upcoming events, but also every past event is easily found too. We are seeing some events that are only posted to Facebook these days, and that's OK. We decided a few years ago that we will only promote events that are listed on the BIKEIOWA event calendar. We are not going to scour Facebook looking for missing events and our time is better spent doing other things.

We believe in product we created in early 2017 called Pogie Lites - A 4-season super-lite-weight, water-resistant, wind-proof pogie that keeps the wind, rain and muck off you hands. After several nasty muddy, wet races in 2016, we knew there was a better way to keep your hands warm, so we proto-typed and developed something better. To date, Pogie Lites have been sold in 31 states and 6 countries and 6 bike shops carry them. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear and we created a product to deal with it and although we make each pair in Ankeny and it takes up a many evening and some weekends, it is still exciting to see folks out riding more comfortably with a product we created.

Monthly highlights

There were lots of events and excursions we attended and didn't list , but WOW - what a year!

  • Speaker at People for Bikes 'DRAFT' event at Confluence Brewing
  • BIKEIOWA Race Team re-launch
  • Trail and Greenways Committee Meeting
  • Triple D Winter Race - Dubuque
  • Iowa Bike Summit
  • Iowa Bike Expo
  • RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party
  • co-hosted FireTrucker Adventure Biking Talk - speaker Paul Black
  • GRRtoBRR - Gravel Ride to BRR Ride
  • BRR Ride
  • Iowa Gravel Expo - Cedar Falls
  • Twin Cities Bike Swap - Pogie Lites Promo
  • Bacon Fest
  • CIRREM - crazy icy!
  • Raccoon River Valley Trail Banquet
  • 2019 DSM Mayor's Ride Planning Committee
  • BIKEIOWA Race Team pot-luck
  • Washington DC Trip for pleasure, but interesting to take note of the bicycle amenities in our National Capital
  • Iowa Spring Classic in Cumming - BIKEIOWA Hosted - a muddy mess!
  • COG 100
  • Co-hosted FireTrucker Adventure Biking Talk - Megan Hill - traveling by bike
  • Decorah - weekend of exploring trails and amenities
  • Gravel Camp - gravel training in Winneshiek & Allamakee county
  • Gents Race
  • Iowa Wind and Rock
  • Des Moines Mayor's Ride
  • Trail and Greenways Committee Meeting
  • the EPIC - 150 mile gravel race in the Ozarks
  • co-hosted FireTrucker Adventure Biking Talk - 1000 Miles to Nome with Steve Cannon

  • Bike Month Promotions
  • MADCO 100
  • Cyclo De Mayo
  • Ride of Silence (15th year hosting)
  • Ride of Silence - honor page
  • Sterile Iowan - inaugural event - 200 mile race in Alden IA
  • Ride to Malvern, Race Loess Hills Enduro, Ride Home (300+ miles)
  • Promoted National Trails Day
  • Iowa Games Gravel Race (set-up crew)
  • Trail and Greenways Committee Meeting
  • Follow Your Folly - Cruiser 100 ride! (a redemption ride since hardly anyone finished in 2018 due to historic rainfall in Central Iowa)
  • Iowa Chapter of "Iowa Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.)" - Back the Blue campaign - We donated $770 more info.
  • RAGBRAI - Expo
  • RAGBRAI - Promoted and vended all week from Council Bluffs to Keokuk
  • Co-hosted FireTrucker Adventure Biking Talk - Open Mic RAGBRAI Stories
  • Cyclocross History Art installation Party at FireTrucker Brewery
  • Gravel Worlds
  • Trail and Greenways Committee Meeting
  • Sponsored Des Moines Cycle Club's Pedal off the Pounds
  • Co-hosted FireTrucker Adventure Biking Talk - Atypical Ultra-running with Larry Kelley
  • Cannonball Cross
  • Dirty Wooden Shoe
  • Fat Bike tour in Utah
  • Hosted Capital City Cross - 2 days this year
  • Trek Cup - Madison WI
  • Co-hosted FireTrucker Adventure Biking Talk - Heather Poskevich - HooDoo 500 Winner
  • Hosted Renegade Cyclocross Practices
  • the GRAND
  • Coordinated Des Moines Marathon Course Support
  • Spooky Cross
  • RAGBRAI resignations and Iowa's Ride formation
  • Co-hosted FireTrucker Adventure Biking Talk - Steve Fuller & Sarah Cooper on their Adirondack Trail Ride in New York
  • Trail and Greenways Committee Meeting
  • Hosted Renegade Cyclocross Practices

  • Bobber's Cross
  • Midstate cyclocross
  • Bingo caller at Captain Roy's
  • Hosted 20th annual Turkey Day Ride at Big Creek State Park
  • Fat Tuesdays

  • Global Fat Bike Day
  • Co-hosted FireTrucker Adventure Biking Talk - Ultra Triathlons
  • State Cyclocross Championships
  • Saylorville Lake shore riding
  • Spent quality time with family and friends

THANKS for another ride around the sun and into the next decade.
We wish YOU all a healthy and prosperous 2020.

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