• Posted Mar 18, 2020

As you social distance, it doesn't mean you have to be non-productive - Here are some things you can do to your bicycle during your idle time

Maybe it is time to INSPECT, LUBE,CLEAN, RECORD, PLAN, EDUCATE and get your bicycle and gear in tip-top condition and ready for Spring!

If you have ANY questions, call up your Local Bike Shop or wait until the outbreak is over and stop in in person. Many of the local Bike shops are picking up and dropping off bikes during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We'll keep adding to this list, so re-visit from time to time.


  1. Helmet - is it cracked? Is it over 3 years old? - If so, time for a new one
  2. Tire Pressure - over the Winter, your tires may have lost air
  3. Spare Tube. If in doubt, inflate it to see if it holds air. If bad - replace it.
  4. Tool Kit Contents - Do you have workable tire levers? the right master link? a multi-tool? are the patches dried up?A way to inflate a tire (pump or CO2)?
  5. Tire Sealant if running tubeless - This stuff dries up! you should add new every 6 months or sooner depending on temperature and use.
  6. Spare sealant in your tool kit - Is it still liquid or has it dried up?
  7. Chain - here is link for a quick inspection with a ruler
  8. Cleats (if clip-less) - are they worn? are the bolts tight?
  9. Tires for wear-n-tear - make sure they are not cracked, weathered or worn down
  10. Shifting - it should be buttery-smooth!
  11. Quick-release skewers or through axles - Are they loose? Are they too tight?
  12. Wobbly Wheels - Do your wheels wobble when they spin? If so, they may need trued up
  13. Spokes - Check each spoke to make sure one is not bent or broken
  14. Brake Level pull (if the lever pulls back toward the grip without stopping the bike very well, you may need an adjustment or new pads
  15. Brake pads - Are they worn?
  16. Brakes - If rim brakes are the brake pads pressing against your rim straight and equal?
  17. Ensure the rim braking area is smooth without grooves
  18. Wheel cracks - inspect the area around each spoke for cracks and any sign of the spoke wanting to 'pull through' the wheel
  19. Look for dents in the rim
  20. DI2 shifting? Are the batteries charged?
  21. Your frame for any cracks
  22. Pedals - depending on the type, they may need tightened, lubed or rebuilt
  23. Cycling Shoes - are the Boa wires starting to fray? velcro ripping off or getting worn? shoe-strings broken or frayed?
  24. Tail light batteries (replace or re-charge)
  25. Head light batteries (replace or re-charge)
  26. Mounting straps (check the rubber to make sure it is not cracked and weathered
  27. Bar Tape? Is it torn or worn? Do you have a new favorite color? Time to replace.
  28. Bar ends - are they missing? more folks get impaled by their bars than you think!
  29. Bike Rack on your automobile - Make sure the hitch bolt is still tight and all the straps and mechanisms function properly
  30. Padded shorts - is the chamois shot? They don't last forever.
  31. Seat and rails - inspect for cracks in the under-body of the seat. Look a the rails for bends and cracks
  32. BIKEIOWA Sticker - Is the one on your bike or back window of your car still holding up? if not, let us know and we'll get you a new one!


  • Chain
  • Pedals
  • Cables - some get lubed and some don't
  • Automotive bicycle rack pivot points


  1. Bicycle frame and components - don't take it to the car wash!
  2. Pannier contents and outer fabric
  3. Tool bag contents
  4. Sunglasses or clear Lenses, hinges and pivot points and lense grooves if replaceable lenses
  5. Wash your helmet
  6. Scrub/Soak your cycling shoes/sandals
  7. How long has it been since you've washed you cycling gloves?


  1. The Serial number for each of your bicycles
  2. Take photos of your bicycle, all accessories and anything that makes your bicycle unique in case it is stolen.
  3. Take photos of your space where you store your bicycle, gear accessories in case of a break-in or fire


  1. Planning a bicycle trip? - Why not take this time and plan your destination and route
  2. What you bicycle are you taking?
  3. What gear do you need?
  4. Research upgrading your bicycle or do you need/want a new bicycle? There is PLENTY of research time here ;)
  5. Looking for events to attend? Check out the BIKEIOWA Calendar
  6. New training routes?
  7. Set riding goals
  8. Overweight? it doesn't take a gym to get in shape.
  9. The Minimalist's Strength Workout - this is one of our favorites!


  1. Know what the bicycle laws are in Iowa
  2. Research Staycations in Iowa
  3. Find a new trail system to ride
  4. Best commuting route from your house ( to work or errands)
  5. Look for volunteer opportunities once the COVID-19 outbreak is done
  6. Write a letter to your legislator about Iowa's bicycle safety and the safe passing law (maybe don't send it yet, but take the time to write it)
  7. Sign up for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition's News/Alert emails here.







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