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As the holiday season approaches, cyclists in Iowa are gearing up not just for their regular rides, but also for a ride of a different kind—one fueled by the spirit of giving.

This Giving Tuesday, BIKEIOWA is putting the spotlight on Iowa's vibrant cycling community and its power to make a positive impact beyond the trails. Join us as we explore the various non-profit organizations across the state that are tirelessly working to enhance the cycling experience and make a difference in their communities.


The Heartbeat of Iowa's Cycling Community is more than just riders on trails—it's a network of passionate individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. BIKEIOWA is proud to showcase the heartbeat of this community, emphasizing the collective power of cyclists to create change.


The Power of Giving Tuesday, celebrated globally on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is the perfect opportunity to harness the generosity of the cycling community. BIKEIOWA encourages riders to consider supporting their favorite Iowa non-profits this year, giving back to the organizations that enhance the cycling experience for all.


This Giving Tuesday, let's harness the collective power of Iowa's cycling community to make a lasting impact. By supporting non-profit organizations dedicated to enhancing the cycling experience, we can ensure that future generations of riders continue to enjoy the trails we love. Join BIKEIOWA in celebrating the spirit of giving and pedaling for a purpose!


BIKEIOWA encourages cyclists to get involved this Giving Tuesday. Whether it's a monetary donation, volunteer hours, or simply spreading the word, every contribution makes a difference. Visit the websites of your favorite Iowa cycling non-profits to learn more about their missions and how you can support them.


Meet the Iowa Non-Profits Making a Difference and Explore the diverse range of non-profit organizations in Iowa that are tirelessly working to promote cycling, safety, and community engagement. From trail maintenance and cycling advocacy to youth education programs, these organizations are the unsung heroes behind Iowa's thriving cycling culture. There are more Iowa non-profits related to cycling and trails in Iowa - If we are missing one, let us know and we will add it!

Above + Beyond Cancer - Des Moines
Empowering cancer survivors through transformative adventures, including cycling.

Black Girls Do Bike Des Moines - Des Moines
Fostering a supportive community for Black women cyclists in Des Moines.

Cedar Valley Association for Soft Trails (CVAST) - Cedar Falls
Building soft single-track trails for all to use in the Cedar Valley region.Cedar Valley Bicycle Collective - Waterloo
Promoting cycling and community through bicycle advocacy and education.
Cedar Valley Trails Partnership - Cedar Falls
Enhancing the Cedar Valley region by developing and maintaining scenic trails.

Central Iowa Trail Association (CITA) - Des Moines
Advocating for and maintaining off-road trails for mountain biking enthusiasts.

Dickinson County Trails Board - Okoboji
Preserving and expanding the network of trails for outdoor enthusiasts in Okoboji.

Dream Team - Des Moines

Using the power of a bicycle to help youth develop a positive approach to life's challenges and ride RAGBRAI.

Iowa Coalition of Off-Road Riders (ICORR) - Iowa City
Uniting off-road riders to promote trail advocacy and sustainable mountain biking.

Iowa Bicycle Coalition - Coralville
Working towards a more bicycle-friendly Iowa through advocacy and education.

Iowa City Bicycle Library - Iowa City
Providing access to bicycles for all through a community-based bike library.

Iowa Latino Cycling Club - Des Moines
Fostering a sense of community and promoting cycling among Latino individuals.

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation - Des Moines
Protecting and restoring Iowa's natural areas, including those along cycling routes.

Iowa Safe Routes to School - Coralville
Promoting safe and active transportation for students through biking and walking.

Iowa Scholastic MTB League - Ankeny
Introducing youth to the joys of mountain biking through organized competitions.

Linn Area Mountain Bike Association (LAMBA) - Cedar Rapids
Building and maintaining mountain biking trails in the Linn County area.

Linn County Trails Association (LCTA) - Cedar Rapids
Advocating for and developing a network of trails for the community's enjoyment.

MS Moments-Pedal for a Moment - Urbandale
Using cycling events to raise awareness and funds for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Old Creamery Nature Trail - Vinton
Offering a scenic trail for hiking and biking through the beautiful Iowa countryside.

PlyWood Trail Foundation - Le Mars
Developing and maintaining a multi-use trail system for the community.

Pottawattamie County Trails Association - Council Bluffs
Connecting communities through the development of a comprehensive trail network.

Raccoon River Valley Trail Association - Perry
Managing and promoting the popular Raccoon River Valley Trail for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Sauk Rail Trail Association - Carroll
Preserving and promoting the historic Sauk Rail Trail for recreational use.

Siouxland Cyclists - Sioux City
Advocating for cycling-friendly infrastructure and organizing community rides in Siouxland.

Street Collective - Des Moines
Using cycling as a tool for community engagement and positive social change.

Urban Bicycle Food Ministry - Des Moines
Combining cycling and philanthropy to distribute food to those in need.

Wabash Trace Nature Trail - Southwest Iowa Nature Trails Project, Inc. - Shenandoah
Maintaining and preserving the scenic Wabash Trace Nature Trail for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whiterock Conservancy - Coon Rapids
Maintaining and preserving the scenic Wabash Trace Nature Trail for outdoor enthusiasts.

Wright County Trails Committee - Clarion
Contributing to the development and maintenance of trails for the benefit of the community.

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Other than monetary donations, you can explore the following avenues to discover additional Iowa non-profits related to cycling or trails all year long:

  1. Local Bike Shops and Clubs: Check with local bike shops and cycling clubs in different Iowa communities. They often have information about or partnerships with non-profits dedicated to cycling and trail development.

  2. City or County Parks and Recreation Departments: Municipalities often have specific departments or partnerships focused on trail development and outdoor recreation. Contacting local parks and recreation departments can reveal non-profits involved in trail projects.

  3. Community Centers: Reach out to community centers, especially those with a focus on outdoor activities and recreation. They may be aware of local non-profits working on cycling or trail initiatives.

  4. Chambers of Commerce: Local chambers of commerce can provide information on community development projects, including those related to cycling and trails.

  5. Online Forums and Social Media Groups: Explore online forums, social media groups, and community platforms where cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts in Iowa gather. Members of these groups may share information about non-profits and initiatives.

  6. State and Regional Cycling Events: Participate in or follow state and regional cycling events. These gatherings often attract organizations and non-profits passionate about cycling and trails.

  7. University or College Programs: Check if any local universities or colleges have programs or initiatives related to cycling, outdoor recreation, or community development. They may collaborate with non-profits.







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