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The courses route through champagne gravel, the best b roads, amazing urban experiences, and super fast singletrack.

Please welcome core4 as BIKEIOWA's newest sponsor.

core4 is Iowa City’s premier cycling experience: a celebration of community, opportunity, recreation, and engagement.

This is it folks! 2024. It’sYOUR year for core4. New distances, new routes, and new experiences!! Choose the 60 or 100 mile podium eligible core4 “no surface untouched“ routes OR skip the single track and choose the gravel centric 20 or 40 mile routes.

For the uninitiated, it’s that local Iowa City vibe on the national stage. Join riders from over 30 states on August 17th 2024. Be part of Iowa gravel history along with 1,000 others! 1 of 4 of which are women. Let's go ladies! As always, youth ride for free.

Big Grove + Red Bull + Wilsons Orchard = one hell of a gravel party!!!

Jump on BikeReg now to register. It’s YOUR year. core4 2024!!

What sets core4 apart from other gravel races?

Multiple surfaces on one bicycle in the same race. You gravel, dirt, single track and pavement and YOU determine the best bicycle to ride.

There are four distances - 100 miles, 60 miles, 40 miles or 20. They all contain gravel, dirt, single track and pavement. They will all be challenging.

The 100 and 60 mile routes and are podium eligible and have all for 4 surfaces including singletrack. The 40 and 20 mile routes are gravel centric and do not have singletrack.

The courses route through champagne gravel, the best b roads, amazing urban experiences, and super fast singletrack.

The races can be solo or a 3-person team and there are 18 categories per race distance.

The race format was modeled after the Rule of Three event in Bentonville, Arkansas. Tarmac, Gravel and Singletrack and what makes up that race.

core4 launched in 2022 and was Iowa's largest gravel event in Iowa. In 2023 the event grew by 30% with over 800 participants and 2024 ridership is capped and is already over one/thirdcapacity.

Why choose this experience?

community - good folks. doing good things. sharing best-kept secrets.
opportunity - ride. volunteer. give back. get into whatever you’re into. go all in.
recreation - move your body. explore a landscape. get into it.
engagement - let’s meet + do this thing. all people. together. all of us.

core4 is more than just a cycling event; it's a celebration of community, opportunity, recreation, engagement, and the inherent beauty of Iowa's landscapes. As riders tackle the challenging course, they not only test their physical limits but also forge lasting connections with fellow participants. The CORE4 experience is a testament to the enduring spirit of gravel racing (and more!) in Iowa.

Who is the core4 Team?

Alex - the visionary. Combining cycling, advocacy, partnerships in engaging ways while recreating in the landscape he loves.
Liz - the local brains behind Bike Iowa City where she promotes Midwest's premier cycling destination and shreds dirt and gravel.
Nate - the twisted saint - the course guru who knows all the backroads and places to put the hurt on.
Rachel - hooked on mullets and mustaches, she is the behind-the-scenes gal who keeps all the digital madness in tact.
Andy - van-living large and riding dirt - also co-founder of Rule of Three event in Bentonville, Arkansas


What type of bicycle should I ride?

core4 recommendations include - Flat bar, drop bar, gravel, mountain bike, touring bike. The choice is yours. They state "Just make sure it’s set up and ready for rowdy terrain (tire width, tubeless, etc)".

You Finish. We all Celebrate.

Ever been to a race in Iowa? We cheer on everyone! This sense of community is no where more evident than core4.

The finish line is a chute of cheering spectators. There is live music playing. You get that last burst of energy as you approach the chute. You hurt and you smile all the the same time.

Get off your bike, take a photo, drink a cold one and cheer on the next finisher.

There is plenty of onsite camping, entertainment and camaraderie into the night.

Well Done - You'll sleep well.

I have so many more questions - Tell me more

core4's FAQ page is packed with details like - the format, categories, aid stations, registration, camping, tire sizes and much more!



Velo Magazine - Aug 2023 - Core4 puts Iowa gravel — and good times — on the map
Bike Talk With Dave podcast - Nov 2022 - Alex and Nate leave no surface untouched - core4


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We raced core4 in 2022 and 2023 and we are coming back for 2024!

Both years were simply hard AND fun at the same time.

The course kept us on our toes and the aid stations kept us satiated.

The after-party and camping was an experience all on its own. Listening to war stories and live music over food and drink with new and old friends are the best!

We LOVE to see that Iowa finally has a premier gravel event that appeals to and can handle the masses.

See you in August!


community. opportunity. recreation. engagement.




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