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Relentless Events LLC has generously bestowed the reins of two beloved gravel events, "Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra" and the "Iowa Gravel Classic," to the passionate individuals behind the Iowa Gravel Project, Cole and Kelsi.

The Iowa Gravel Project has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant gravel cycling community throughout the state, organizing events that showcase the beauty and challenges of Iowa's gravel roads. Cole and Kelsi's dedication to promoting the sport of gravel cycling aligns perfectly with the ethos of both "Spotted Horse" and the "Iowa Gravel Classic," making them the natural successors to carry on these races' legacies.

"Spotted Horse" and the "Iowa Gravel Classic" have earned their places as staples of the gravel racing calendar, drawing participants from across the country to experience the unique terrain and camaraderie that define Iowa gravel events. Under the stewardship of Cole and Kelsi, these races will continue to thrive, offering unforgettable experiences for gravel enthusiasts of all levels.

"We are incredibly grateful to Relentless Events LLC for entrusting us with the organization of these prestigious gravel events," said Cole and Kelsi, co-founders of the Iowa Gravel Project. "We are deeply committed to upholding the spirit of these races and ensuring they continue to be highlights of the gravel cycling calendar. We look forward to welcoming participants, both new and returning, to experience the thrill of there two gravel events. extends its heartfelt congratulations to Cole and Kelsi on this exciting opportunity. As a platform dedicated to promoting cycling in Iowa, we are excited to see the Iowa Gravel Project's continued growth and success in the years to come.

Relentless Events LLC will continue to host Iowa Wind and Rock, a 300+ mile gravel race in April. The Tour of Central Iowa will cease operations in 2024. Relentless Events LLC thanks all of the athletes, volunteers, sponsors, Madison County Winery and Whiterock Conservancy for the support and enthusiasm you have brought to our events over the years. We all have a number of enjoyable memories because of them.

For more information about the Iowa Gravel Project and upcoming events, please visit and their Facebook Group.

About Relentless Events, LLC

Relentless Events, LLC is made up of Sarah Cooper, Steve Fuller and Dori Jansma. All three have deep ties to the local cycling community, as well as the community as a whole.

Relentless Events is behind a number of local gravel events – Iowa Wind and Rock, Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra, Iowa Gravel Classic, and now, The Tour of Central Iowa. We love the state of Iowa and our local community, and we make an effort to involve local and in-state businesses with our events as much as possible, including hosting, event goodies, and prizing. In addition to races, Relentless Events is also responsible for supplying safe bike valet services at many large events in the Des Moines Metro.

Their goal is to give people the opportunity to push beyond what they have done on a bicycle, and have fun while doing so.

About Iowa Gravel Project

The Iowa Gravel Project was started in 2018 by Cole Ledbetter and his wife Kelsi.

Cole rode bicycle a bunch in this childhood and then re-discovered cycling in 2015, and then started riding RAGBRAI, then eventually got into riding gravel.

He saw the need for a group to promote Iowa Gravel, Iowa's unique countryside and the special gravel community.

He started the Iowa Gravel Project Facebook Group to get rider involved. A place to ask questions and share knowledge. A place to post events and group rides.
As of February 2024, the group has 3,717 members and is still growing.

The Iowa Gravel Project hosts the Redfield Rock'N'Roll in Sept and weekly rides from April through October starting at several locations all around Central Iowa.




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