• Posted Apr 10

We are super stoked to announce our 2024 training ride: core4 Westside!
Picture it! We set up base camp out of the Amana Colonies on May 19th!
Yet another exciting new showcase of all the surfaces!

We mount up at 9am sharp at the Brau Haus before hitting the scenic hill country of Amana! Highlights include surprise and delights at the iconic Green Castle bridge, Coralville's new Deadwood singletrack segment and some spicy B roads! We are elevating the game this year with male + female leaders including lead, 16, 14, 12, and sweep.

This 60-mile training ride features frequent regroups and a 30 mile bale-out option sans singletrack.
Food + beer options for purchase back at the Brau Hous by @Millstream!

Only 150 spots! $14 to get in the line up!

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What is core4?

core4 is Iowa City’s premier cycling experience: a celebration of community, opportunity, recreation, and engagement.

For the uninitiated, it’s that local Iowa City vibe on the national stage. Join riders from over 30 states. Be part of Iowa gravel history along with 1,000 others! 1 of 4 of which are women. Let's go ladies! As always, youth ride for free.

Ride/Race multiple surfaces on one bicycle in the same race. You ride/race gravel, dirt, single track and pavement and YOU determine the best bicycle to ride.

There are four distances - 100 miles, 60 miles, 40 miles or 20. They all contain gravel, dirt, single track and pavement. They will all be challenging.



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