• Posted Apr 13, 2008

Iowa Bike Culture is really starting to form... How about a weekly Radio show all about cycling? It's here - listen to the Kim West Radio Cycling Hour on KXNO

Join Kim West, Sundays from 6-7pm, for the Kim West Radio Cycling Hour on Des Moines sports station, 1460 KXNO.
On Air Details The Kim West Radio Cycling Hour debuts April 20th! Join Kim West and guests each Sunday 6-7pm! 1460 AM KXNO streaming worldwide at Pod-casts are available later Sunday night. [bikeiowa note: WOW - A dedicated Cycling show in Iowa! This is unheard of! This is the ONLY cycling show of it's kind across our fine country! And it a call-in show!tune in and listen...]
Check out Kim's episode 1: getting started. Call in with questions or comments for Kim 1-866-333-5966
Bio That Kim West is doing something different is nothing new. Kim has done lots of different things over the past 54 years: He’s worked in sewers, welded garbage trucks, helped build highways, run a daycare, taught school, played in a band, and was a barista. He was a public defender for 20 years. But one thing has never changed: his undying love for bicycles. Kim started riding bikes when he was two, and has no intention of stopping. He rode his bike around his small central Iowa hometown in the 50s and 60s. He bobbed the fenders and raced his hot-rodded schwinn with his buddies. He pedaled endless gravel roads to visit friends and for the sheer joy of being outdoors. In football season, he rode his bike around during practice while serving as team manager. Kim’s friends got cars when they were sixteen; he bought a Schwinn Varsity. Kim pedaled his way through his undergrad years—all seven of them—in Iowa city. When he discovered that great Iowa bike ride in 1974, he got on his spiffy new Motobecane and off he went. He claims that this year’s ride will be his 50th RAGBRAI, saying that some years he does two or three. He took his bike and camping gear to England while student teaching. He rode his trusty motobecane back and forth during law school, and then to lake macbride to “study” during summer sessions. He discovered bike racing living in Mason City, and moved to Ames to take advantage of its racing scene. Now a Cat 1, Kim has been racing since 1983 and has tried it all -- road racing, criteriums, time trials, BMX, Cyclocross, mountain biking, track riding -- and has the bumps, bruises and breaks to prove it. And the stories, too. So now while he’s teaching his grand-kids the joys of two-wheeled transport, he’ll be sharing his stories and bringing listeners the stories of others—professional roadies, year-round commuters, ultra-distant riders, fitness riders, campers and tourists, first-time triathletes, even little kids. He’ll have regular guests who will answer your questions about training and help you deal with aches and pains or answer nagging legal questions that arise while riding. Has your favorite cyclist written a book? They’ll discuss it on the show with Kim and you can call in with your questions. Kim will review cycling DVDs, bikes and components. You’ll meet race teams and learn about upcoming events (races, tours, rides). You’ll get this and so much more every Sunday on "The Kim West Radio Cycling Show" on Des Moines' Sport Station, 1460 KXnO -- and streaming worldwide at Also available on iTunes.

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