• Posted Jan 10, 2009

Do you think you can pick the eight overnight towns for RAGBRAI® 2009?

Enter the contest and see how close you come. Last year we had a five way tie as they each guessed six of the eight towns correctly. Click here to enter the Guess the RAGBRAI Route Contest Whoever correctly chooses the most overnight towns in order will receive a certificate worth $100 of RAGBRAI merchandise. The second place winner will receive a certificate worth $80 of merchandise, and a third place winner will receive a certificate worth $60 of merchandise. Certificates must be redeemed by July 25, 2009. Only three winners will be chosen. If several people correctly guess the same number of overnight towns, the winning entries will be drawn from among all the contestants who have correctly guessed the highest number of overnight towns. Need a little help? Click here for a complete route history grid.

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