• Thu April 11 2024
  • Posted Apr 11
Crosswalk Protection Bill Passes Iowa Senate Unanimously To Create Safer Streets For All Pedestrians, Cyclists

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition announced today (4.10.24) that HF 2568 passed the Iowa Senate unanimously without debate and will be sent to the Governor for signature. The measure previously passed the house in February with a large majority.

HF 2568 establishes critical protections that benefit everyone who uses crosswalks including pedestrians, cyclists, and other people using a mobility device or personal conveyance. The legislation was led in the Senate by Iowa Senator Mark Lofgren and in the Iowa House by Representative Thomas Gerhold.The Iowa Bicycle Coalition championed this effort as their priority bill this legislative session.

Coalition Executive Director Luke Hoffman said, “Inevitably everyone will use a crosswalk as a pedestrian, so passing this bill is a clear and convincing victory for the individual rights of all Iowans. This bill closes a loophole in state code that brings us in line with surrounding states, including Nebraska, which already afford the same protections to all pedestrians. Whether you are out on the trails as a cyclist, a person with disabilities in a wheelchair, a senior citizen on an electric scooter, a kid on a skateboard, or a parent with a baby in a stroller, it's a win for all Iowans. No matter if you are traveling in a car, by foot or by bike, your safety matters, and you deserve the peace of mind to know you are afforded the same individual rights as everyone else by the State of Iowa.”

Hoffman continued, “The Iowa Bicycle Coalition commends the legislators who worked hard to pass this bill and our coalition partners, including AARP, who supported this bill with us. We also want to thank the University of Iowa Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Safety Lab researchers who helped develop a brief on the impact of this policy on Iowans.”

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is a statewide nonprofit organization in Iowa that promotes safe and accessible bicycling in Iowa through education, events, better policy, and growing a community of supporters. Our vision is that bicycling in Iowa is safe, enjoyable, and accessible for all. You can learn more at








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