• Wed July 10 2002
  • Posted Jul 10, 2002
A Stafford woman who stood naked in her window, causing a passing cyclist to crash, has been warned she will have to get out of her council flat if she doesn't behave. Stafford county court heard that Joy Jenkins also played loud music and was abusive and threatening to neighbours and passers-by. District Judge Lawrence Schroeder yesterday granted Stafford Borough Council a possession order suspended for two years, warning Jenkins she would be evicted if she breached her tenancy agreement. He said his decision to suspend the order was in the light of evidence that things had much improved over the last two or three months. The judge added: "She is going to have to come to terms that she is going to have to moderate her way of relaxing with drink and loud music." He heard neighbours in New Street tell of loud music coming from the 43-year-old's flat, sometimes in the early hours. On one occasion she went round stabbing the doors of other flats with a carving knife. Neighbour Jill Hickling recounted the time Jenkins stood naked in the window and shouted at a man cycling past. He crashed. Jenkins denied being as bad as made out by her neighbours.

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