• Tue July 29 2008
  • Posted Jul 29, 2008
Des Moines The RACE LIKE A GIRL criterium will be this Thursday at Union Park in Des Moines. We'd love to see you all out there. We're doing at least 3 races per category (Girls, Guys A, and, Guys B). The races will be short, track-style events... meaning you could be racing 2 laps or 20 depending on the schedule we choose. Perfect for beginners and women... but men and fast cats can surely find a good time as well. Cost: $5 for girls, $10 for boys. The registartion table opens at 4:45 and the racing will begin at 5:30. Not interested in racing ??? This is a great venue for spectating too! The event is located at Union Park in Des Moines, just north of I-235 between E. 9th & Pennsylvania Ave. For more great time-killer reading and updates on the event check out Looking forward to seeing you all there, Donny Quixote
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