• Fri November 14 2008
  • Posted Nov 14, 2008
Caution! Shameless plug ahead! MISSING LINK FOUND! You need not subscribe to Darwin continue reading. This is a different sort of missing link… one for cyclists. Des Moines area bicyclists have long known, and bemoaned the fact they have to hit the streets between the Walnut Creek trail and the Bill Riley Trail. But the “Missing link” connecting the two has been completed!! Technically it’s the extension of the Walnut Creek trail from just west of SW 56th And Walnut Creek into Greenwood Park. It’s less than a mile of trail but it connects everything. You can now ride from as far west as Jefferson to downtown Des Moines and up to Saylorville and Big Creek Lakes and never have to veer off a trail. There’s also an extension or “expressway” under Fleur Drive that will circumvent to busy Kruidenier trail around Gray’s Lake. These are great developments for hikers and bikers who enjoy Des Moines trails and (HERE’S THE PLUG!) I’ll be talking with Des Moines trails coordinator Richard Brown this Sunday morning on NewsChannel 8. After the interviews they'll also be posted on the internet at by midday Monday. See you on the TV!

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