• Wed December 30 2009
  • Posted Dec 30, 2009
By JEFF ROWE - California A Solana Beach company that developed a street elliptical bicycle says it will debut the bikes in February in San Diego County. ElliptiGO Inc. has been developing the bicycle, which mimics a runner's natural leg movements. The technology is common at the gym on exercise machines called elliptical trainers. ElliptiGO's model 8S, the company's first, will retail for about $2,000. "It combines the best of running and cycling and provides a low-impact workout," said Brent Teal, an engineer and co- founder of the company along with Brian Tate, a lawyer and marketing consultant. The company was funded with about $800,000 raised from family, friends and investors. Since then, the company has raised about $500,000 for production. Beach cruisers and other bicycles are planned for the future. Pate and Teal stated talking about a street elliptical bike in 2005 and developed prototypes. Unlike a traditional bicycle, riders on an elliptical vehicle stand up. The stride length can be adjusted to fit the rider. The bicycles are engineered and marketed in Solana Beach; they are manufactured in Taiwan. ElliptiGOs come with eight speeds; good riders can reach 25 miles per hour on flat land, the company says. While the rough economy may deter sales, the fitness push may be enough to overcome that. "Bicycling is the No. 1 way baby boomers are fighting Father Time," said Kerry McKoy, owner of the Bike Bling shop in Escondido. Almost half of ElliptiGO's first shipment ---- 260 bicycles ---- has been presold, the company said. The rest will be sold in San Diego County, the company said. Shipments to the rest of the nation will begin later this year. Visit

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