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BIKEIOWA wants to help pave the 13 gravel crossings along the Raccoon River Trail.

We have partnered with Mickey's Irish Pub in Waukee, The Raccoon River Trails Association and Dallas County Conservation to ensure we have enough donors to get all 13 gravel crossing paved within the 2013 cycling season. More info.

We love to showcase the trails and what a better way than with our "Trails of Iowa" T-shirt !

We had a special run of T-shirts made that say "I helped pave a trail" on the back.

Most t-shirts are Green with short-sleeves. There is a small inventory of Green long-sleeved and some super-limited Charity-Pink t-shirts.

BIKEIOWA is donating ALL proceeds to the cause. This is one way we can ALL Help 'Pave a Trail' says Scott Sumpter of

How to get a T-shirt

  • SAT 9/15 - We will be at Kyle's Bikes Parking Lot Sale in Ankeny from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM This is the first place these shirts will be unveiled.

  • SUN 9/16 - We will be at the "Save The Trails!" Charity Ride in Waukee from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. We intend to raise enough funds on this ride to pave TWO gravel crossings!
    • The will also be a 2012 New Belgium Fat Tire Bike giveway at the end of the ride
    • Register here for the ride here. $25 gets you a breakfast burrito and a safetyh vest

  • After these two events are over, we'll put the remainder of the inventory online for purchase.

"Trails of Iowa" T-shirt

This is one Sweet t-Shirt that showcases all the Trails of Iowa! There are 139 trails listed. Paved, Unpaved and Dirt Trails are represented.

Trails are sized according to their mileage and we attempted to geographically place all Trails according to where they are in the state.

A "BIKEIOWA ORIGINAL". Thanks to Keely Shannon for her graphic art expertise in laying out this design.

Thanks to our good friend at T-shirt Graphix for printing this t-shirt and all t-shirts BIKEIOWA offers.

This design has been one of the most popular T-shirts BIKEIOWA has ever produced.


Your tires are begging you. Help eliminate the gravel crossings in Dallas County on the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

Paving the crossings will cost about $2,400 each. There are 13 in Dallas County, so about $31,000 total cost. Two crossing have already been “adopted”, so that leaves 11 or around $26,000 to be raised.

Put together a group and adopt your own crossing! Paving will be done summer of 2013. Donors will have their names listed on signs at their adopted crossing. Donations are tax deductible and can go to the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association or Dallas County Conservation. More info.


Adoptions/Donations accepted via

This is a small cost to have continuous pavement and eliminate those annoying gravel crossings! If you love the feel of pavement gliding under your tires, donate!

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