• Jeff Mertz
  • Tue April 16 2013
  • Posted Apr 16, 2013
RE: Can bar ends still be used at USA Cycling Sanctioned Mountain Bike Races?

UPDATE: From the Technical Director of USA Cycling. “The official was correct in his interpretation of the printed rules. The intent of that rule was always a road thing and as we have combined all disciplines into one rulebook now, we find certain places
where it does not work, and we fix it as we find it.” Bar ends are allowed in MTB events.

ORIGINAL POST : This past weekend there was some "discussion" on the rule about Bar Ends and Mountain Bikes. Larry Martin, USAC Regional Coordinator took the issue to Shawn Farrell,USAC Technical Director and a clarification was made. The official interpreted to rules appropriately, however the rule was meant as a Road/Track/CX Rule. The rule is being changed to exclude Mountain Bike Events from this regulation, therefore bar ends are allowed going forward at Mountain Bike Events.






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Good news that this is being fixed! Anyone have an address for the USAC official so I can mail them the pile of grips I had to buy at the race for $25/pair? There was actually a sizable line of people scrambling to switch a few minutes before each race since they weren't being told in advance. I even saw one guy get pulled out of a field while the official was getting ready to start the countdown.

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