• Mon June 10 2013
  • Posted Jun 10, 2013

Phase 1 Update

Phase 1 section of the Easter Lake Trail bid on the 4th and came in within budget.

The project will be acted upon by the Polk County Conservation Board on June 5th was approved by the Board.

Construction is to be completed by Fall 2013. It is being built with local funding and no delays are anticipated.

Phase 2 Update

Phase 2 is in the design stage and expect a scheduled Fall 2013 letting with construction beginning 2014.

Phase 3 Update

The Polk County Conservation Board (PCCB) will receive partial funding for the TAP grant application
we submitted to the MPO for 2017 funding.

PCCB asked for funding assistance for the Phase 3 section of the Easter Lake Trail which would complete the trail from Shelter 4 to Easter Lake Drive.

That application request was for $200,000 and the recommendation of $135,000 from the funding subcommittee has been accepted by the executive committee.

The Easter Lake Trail will be constructed in 3 phases.

The first phase is within Easter Lake Park on the south side of the lake between Easter Lake Drive and Shelter 4. Survey is underway and we expect a 2013 design and construction in 2014.

The second planned phase on the north side of the lake will construct an east to west connecting trail on the north side of the lake that will reach from Indianola Ave to the park access road west of the dam and include a spur connecting to the neighborhoods on the north and to Evergreen Ave. Anticipated to be in 2014 and 2015.

The final phase on a portion of the west end and on the east side of the lake is dependent on watershed work that includes lowering of the lake for dredging and to allow for construction of a major sewer line on the east side. That work is scheduled for 2014-15 and trail construction should follow closely behind.

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