He's open for business during the RAGBRAI stop in Oskaloosa.

Jeff Wilford, co-owner of Bobzilla's Bicycle Werks, 1718 Pella Ave., opened the doors to his shop at 9 a.m. Thursday during the RAGBRAI stop in Oskaloosa.

Wilford said it's typical for him to ride RAGBRAI.

“I usually do,” said Wilford. “And by 'usually' I mean 'always.'”

As far as the number of times Wilford has done RAGBRAI goes, he's well into the teens with this year's ride.

“It's a lot of fun,” Wilford said.

Just after opening Bobzilla's Bicycle Werks Thursday morning, Wilford began working on a bicycle. He hoped to work on many more bikes throughout the day before closing up shop at 8 p.m.

When it comes to the kind of repairs Wilford was expecting to do on Thursday, he said they would be of the “triage” variety.

There are many kinds of bicycles riding in RAGBRAI with different levels of upkeep being done along the way.

“There are all kinds out there,” said Wilford. “Some are better taken care of than others.”

Wilford said there are also many different kinds of RAGBRAI riders.

Usually Bobzilla's Bicycle Werks is closed during RAGBRAI, noted Wilford. However, with this year including Oskaloosa as an overnight stop community, things are different.

“Typically, that's my vacation,” explained Wilford. “I just close up and reopen when I get back.”

Wilford anticipated that the best way to get around Oskaloosa during the evening hours on Thursday would be by bicycle.







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