• Jeff Mertz
  • Thu October 03 2013
  • Posted Oct 3, 2013
I was asked about this topic as a possible rule of the week. Here you go!

As a reminder: To compete for a State Championship Medal you must have
an annual racing license, this is for all disciplines. An add-on
license for MTB is $30. I bring this up because State MTB
Championships are this weekend. You can race with a one day
registration, but to medal, you need to have an annual license.

Now back to the rule of the week.

Lets talk about taking outside assistance in a MTB race. If you are
in the Marathon category, you can enter a pit and change a wheel or
fix a derailleur. If you are not in the marathon category, you have
to tote and fix all the stuff on your bike yourself The rule is
covered in section 5 and specifically - 5C. Feeding and Technical

5C1. Feed/Technical Assistance Zones are permitted in the following events:

(i) Ultra-Endurance Events (Marathon, 6-Hour, 12- Hour, 24-Hour events)
(ii) UCI Cross Country (XCO) events (UCI classes only)
(iii) Cross Country National Championships for the collegiate and UCI
classes (Pro men, Pro women, Junior 17-18 men, and Junior 17-18
women). Note that when Category 1 Junior 15-16 riders are on the
course at the same time as the Category 1 Junior 17-18 riders, they
will also have access to Technical
Assistance Zones.

5C2. Authorized technical assistance during a race consists of repairs
to or the replacement of any part of the bicycle other than the frame
and fork. Bike changes are not permitted and the rider must cross the
finishing line with the same handlebar number plate that he had at the
5C3. Technical assistance and feeding shall normally only be given in
the feed/technical assistance zones. Physical contact between the
feeders/mechanics may only take place in these zones. However,
technical assistance may be given between teammates competing in the
same race outside of the technical assistance zones subject to the
limitations of 5C2 above.

This was not my best rule of the week, I am swamped at my real job
this week, but wanted to get it out there.

Oh, here is the rule book for more educational opportunities...

Next week...A more in-depth discussion of FEEDING in a Cyclocross race.


Jeff Mertz
Waukee, IA





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