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  • Posted Feb 15, 2014
I guess we can say El Bait Shop CRUSHED Cityview's 'Best of' Des Moines 'Cuture and Nightlife' categor for 2013

KUDOS to OUR favorite Des Moines biker-bar to hang out at! El Bait Shop has been treatin' cyclists to ice cold beverages and super-tasty food for years now.

Congrats to Bruno and his staff! Well Deserved!

from Cityview...

Best Bar (Overall)

el Bait Shop

To be considered by voters as the best over all others, a certain criteria must be met, and Cityview readers decided el Bait Shop has what they’re looking for in a night out: good food, live music, a convenient, bar-crawl location and a spacious patio. Are we forgetting something? Oh, how about literally hundreds of beer flavors to choose from? When el Bait Shop debuted in Des Moines, Cityview readers voted it the Best New Bar. Since then, it has earned itself a wall of like titles from the Best Of Des Moines’ contest, including this year’s Best Bar Overall.

200 S.W. Second St., 284-1970,

Runners-up: (tie) Lime Lounge; The Standard; Beer Can Alley

Best Downtown

el Bait Shop

Cityview readers indisputably love el Bait Shop above all others. Despite a medley of eclectic neighbors, el Bait offers more than the massive beer menu it’s famous for. It’s home to several local bands offering free live music on Wednesdays and Sundays (days when most bars have crickets chirping) as well as Jimmy Carter Happy Hour, which is a celebration of local, beer-makers looking to experiment on willing patrons with tastings of their latest flavors.

200 S.W. Second St., 284-1970,

Runners-up: Royal Mile; Mickey’s Irish Pub

Best Beer Selection

el Bait Shop

El Bait Shop has hundreds of beers that make it famous not only among our readers but nationally as well. And the crafts are always rotating to keep options fresh and innovative. The Jimmy Carter Happy Hour makes way for local brewers to hone their hops, furthering the selection potential at the bar.

200 S.W. Second St., 284-1970,

Runners-up: High Life Lounge; Royal Mile

Best Cold Beer

el Bait Shop

When it comes to beer, voters can be counted on to favor el Bait Shop. Whether it’s served in the air-conditioned haven or the shaded patio on a hot summer day; whether ordering a draw, a bottle, a homebrewed craft or a limited-time promo, our readers say it’s sure to arrive in your hand frosty and drinkably smooth.

200 S.W. Second St., 284-1970,

Runners-up: Twin Peaks; Toad’s Tavern

About Best Of

As the old adage goes, any job worth doing is worth doing right. Whether you’re flipping burgers at a local bar and grill, parading a catwalk dressed in drag, balancing the budget of a multi-million dollar corporation or running the state government, we believe you should take pride in your work. When you do, it shows, and it is rewarded in community trust, an increase in business and eventually, more money in the old bank account.

Cityview’s Best Of Des Moines contest is an example of such rewards in motion. It’s the people — the client, the customer, the consumer — who appreciate a local person, product or service enough to get out and vote for it as their favorite, as Des Moines’ best above all others. Earning the appreciation, respect and recognition of the public is its own reward, one that is priceless.

In the spirit of true merit and appreciation, we bring you another edition of our Best Of Des Moines — our readers’ choices for all things dining, drinking, shopping and more. “Congratulations” doesn’t quite say enough, but “thank you” is a start.

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