• BRAIN Staff
  • Sat January 10 2015
  • Posted Jan 10, 2015, a calendar of events for gravel racing and riding founded in 2008 by Mark "Guitar Ted" Stevenson, is merging with, a news site and forum for gravel ridersfounded by Ben Welnak in 2013.

"Ben and I have known each other for years; he promotes gravel events around Colorado and I run the Trans Iowa. By combining our two sites we want to be the premier gravel news site online," Stevenson said.






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There are lots of nice gravel roads around the area Clunker. Lots of them intersect with various paved trails in Central IA. You can kind of meander between paved trail and gravel however you want.

#2 - sfuller posted Jan 13, 2015

if the old gravel roads along the DSM River north of Sailorville were legal to ride on would add several miles of no traffic scenic riding.

#1 - clunker posted Jan 11, 2015

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