• Fri February 27 2015
  • Posted Feb 27, 2015
One of the unique features about BIKEIOWA is the Trail and City Portals and how Iowa Cycling information can be viewed overall, or you can drill into a specific city or trail.
But what if you were looking for certain trail amenities? or trail types? or maybe a certain mileage? Behold the TRAIL-FINDER!


We have launched a new TRAIL-FINDER page to help you locate trails easier.
The URL is Simple and Easy!

Find a Trail by:
  • Name
  • Keyword (city , County or any search word)
  • Type of Trail (Rail Trail, Mountain Bike, etc)
  • Miles of Trail (0-5, 6-20, 21-40, etc.)
  • Amenities (Camping, bike shop, shopping, water, etc.)
  • Future Trails - we lots of info about trails that are going to be built and we want you to see them easily.

Multiple Filters - Yes - You can filter like this: "Mountain Bike Trails, 21-40 miles long with Camping"

The Results from your search, show the Trail Name, type, length, Views, condition and grade of the trails as well as well the cities the trail runs through.

Click on a trail, and go to the Trail Details page, or click on the City to view the City details.

Just remember - the results you see are only as good as the trail we and other community members have added. We are constantly updating trail data.


Each Trail details page shows:
  • a Google Map of the trail and Cities
  • The Trail Status (if updated)
  • Connecting Trails
  • News
  • Features
  • Resources/Links
  • Reviews


If you are signed up as a BIKEIOWA Community Member, YOU can update Trail information. We figure that YOU may know more about the Trail than WE do.

See the "EDIT" button on the 'Trail Details' tab.

Trails with lots of details can be found MUCH easier via search words, amenities, etc.


We've worked closely with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and we LOVE their Iowa By Trail phone apps, and trail maps.
If a trail has a matching "Iowa By Trail" map, you will see an "Iowa By Trail" Logo on the trail details page.


  • We added 25-30 new trails!
  • We added over 100 new Trail Resource links pointing back to other sites with more details.


Every City in Iowa has a portal - All 986 of them!
Every Trail in Iowa has a portal - All 239 of them!

Each Portal shows Events, News, Reviews, etc. related to the City or Trail you are viewing.

There are also 20 portals for the different cycling genres to view categorized information on BIKEIOWA.






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