• Thu May 28 2015
  • Posted May 28, 2015
The Dallas County Conservation Board will meet Thursday to gather public input regarding the various options in connecting the Raccoon River Valley Trail to the High Trestle Trail.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Waukee Schools Administration Building.

The trails currently sit nine miles apart and the board wants to change that.

Mike Wallace is the executive director for the Dallas County Conservation Board and he knows that connecting the two trails is going to take some collaborative work.

“Now that the Raccoon River trail is in Perry it’s a logical connection but the real reason it hasn’t been doneyet is because it’s like a big puzzle,” Wallace said. “There are lots of different land owners and everyone has to be contacted. We’ll visit with them and try to figure out a route. It’s just a matter of getting people that will cooperate with us.”

Another issue with the proposed trail is finding a suitable route. Bike trails in the area like to build along abandoned railroad beds but that is not an option.

The section of abandoned railroad bed between Perry and Woodward was sold long ago to private landowners and can’t be recovered, but the demand to join the trails is higher than ever and the Dallas County Conservation Board has a plan to get the job done.

The board hopes that the potential of an economic boost for the area will get landowners to agree to something quickly.


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