• Sat July 16 2016
  • Posted Jul 16, 2016
The 2016 RAGBRAI Expo will be held on Saturday, July 23, 2016 in downtown Glenwood Iowa around the town square.

Hours for the expo are 12 noon to 9:00 pm on Saturday.

BIKEIOWA will only be at Glenwood. So don't expect to see our tent in the rest of the overnights because WE are gonna ride with YOU the rest of the week.

We are stoked to see all of you on Saturday and throughout the week!

A First for BIKEIOWA

This will be the first year BIKEIOWA has been an exhibitor at the RAGBRAI expo and we are excited! We have been riding out toward the start and decided to shake it up a bit this year.

If you know BIKEIOWA, then you know this isn't our full-time job, we love to promote Iowa cycling and enjoy creating new and unique designs. The proceeds we receive from the sales, goes right back into BIKEIOWA. To help promote other events and causes, we give away thousands of dollars in swag and stickers every year to cyclists, charities, races and other rides. We are consumers too and we sell our gear at a good price-point that won't gouge you. Think about that when you purchase something from us.

All Jerseys, cycling caps and socks are by Primal Wear, and Ed & Jen of T-shirt Graphix in Des Moines has printed all of our T-shirts since day one! Thanks to both companies for their partnership over the years.


We'll be debuting several new items at the Expo. You'll want to stock up for the week.
  • Full Color Slap Coozies - we'll have two new kickin' unique designs and we can guarantee there will not be other coozies like these out on the ride. We will only have 150 or one design and 250 of the other one. TIP: One design you can actually use for more than keeping your beverage cold... So.. If you want something really cool and "Iowa-like" for $5, you best get your spandex-clad bootie to the BIKEIOWA booth early.

  • Girlie Loose Tanks - This versatile tank will have the "I heart BIKEIOWA" logo on the front and boasts a sporty racer-back and a form flattering relaxed fit. Perfect over sports bras and under tunics, cardigans or sweatshirts. Made of blended polyester with a touch of spandex that makes it as comfy as it is cute. (quantities are very limited)

  • Socks - This is the first year we've had socks. All black with a white BIKEIOWA logo wrapping the ankle in the mid cuff-ankle height socks. There are 250,000 sweat glands in the feet. Primal Cycling Socks feature advanced wicking fabrics to help keep these sweat glands at bay and your feet cool.

  • BIKEIOWA T-shirt - a new color with our logo branded on a very soft and comfy t-shirt. You'll like these!

  • Tech- T-shirt - We will have a Performance Tech T-shirt that 100% polyester, but still feels like a soft t-shirt. Plus it will have our our logo in reflective ink! We'll have men's and woman's cuts in Blazing orange and women's only in Safety Pink. (quantities are limited)

  • Reflective Bikeiowa Stickers - yes - we always have reflective stickers, but we made the small black & white rectangular stickers reflective this year too! Stop by as they are FREE.


Women - We have plenty of options for the ladies this year. Gemini tanks, casual tanks, matching caps, and comfy T-shirts is what we'll have on site.

  • Abstract Gemini Tank - This is one bold design that pops when ya wear it!

  • Black Plaid Gemini Tank - new this year, this black plaid will go with anything. You can even get a matching cap and crew shirt for the man/men in your life.

  • Plaid is Rad Gemini Tank - a unique fresh design you can wear on or off the bike. (quantities are limited)

  • BikeSexual Gemini Tank -This has been a great seller and continues to get comments where ever we go!

Men - We think the big sellers will be the Black Plaid, the Blue Chevron, the Tech T-shirts and the BikeSexual series.

  • Blue Chevron Jersey - We debuted this at the 2016 Iowa Bike Expo in January - it is slick and crisp design with blue, black and white that has a faint pattern of all the cities in Iowa at the bottom. There is also a matching cap.

  • Black Plaid Crew Shirt - the ultimate piece of casual cycling apparel, with a collared neck and button down front, it is perfect to wear on or off the bike. a super-subtle, yet bold black plaid pattern. Wear it alone, or with our matching Cycling Cap or Women's Gemini Tank Top for your lady.

  • BikeSexual -This has been a great seller and continues to get comments where ever we go! This cap compliments the jersey and the t-shirt (quantities are very limited)


  • Trucker - very cyclists loves a trucker cap, but every trucker does not like a cyclist cap. We don't know why... An embroidered BIKEIOWA logo on the front with mesh back and a velcro enclosure. a must-have on the bike when walking into a bar with helmet-hair

  • Blue Chevron - a blue, black and white cap with the tagline "I BIKEIOWA... Do You?" under the bill.

  • Black Plaid - a super-subtle, yet bold black plaid pattern. There is a white BIKEIOWA logo on the top of the bill and under the bill is this quote "BLACK PLAID IS RAD" in a small cube. Wear it alone, or with our matching Crew Shirt or Women's Gemini Tank Top.

  • Plaid is Rad - a unique and fresh plaid design. There is a black BIKEIOWA logo on the top of the bill and under the bill is this quote "wearing stripes with plaid is easy. ~ Albert Einstein". Wear it alone, or with our matching Crew Shirt or Women's Gemini Tank Top. (quantities are very limited)

  • BikeSexual -This has been a great seller and continues to get comments where ever we go! This cap compliments the jersey and the t-shirt (quantities are very limited)

  • Stocking Caps - Even though it may be 90 degrees outside, never under estimate the importance of a great fitting stocking cap with a woven BIKEIOWA logo. A summer-sale bargain price of $10 !

Slap Coozies - We will only sell slap coozies cause they slap on your top-tube, your seat-tube, you wrist or your ankle.. and they hug that beverage really well too! We'll have Black, Pink, Green and Camo colors at the expo as well as the two new super-secret designs explained above.

Waterproof Wallets - Keep you bartenders happy. Hand them a dry $20 bill ! Believe us.. They asked us to make these! Translucent waterproof plastic wallet with BIKEIOWA logo, key ring and zip-lock closure.Two pockets inside, and the back is clear for easy identification.

T-shirts - We'll have several T-shirts on hand. We wear what we sell, so you know these will be comfy t-shirts that fit well. Some are uni-sex, some are mens/womens cuts
  • BikeSexual - Cycling enthusiasts are wearing this shirt all over the World. No Joke. We'll ride just about anything won't we? Buy a matching Cap or Jersey.

  • Bagger - In True bagger-style everything is included but the kitchen sink! Thanks to Brain Duffy for this creation! (quantities are very limited)

  • Real Bikers Pedal - "Real Bikers Pedal" has always been one of our favorites! We love the stares from folks when they read it. (quantities are very limited)

  • Iowa Trails - This design is a "BIKEIOWA ORIGINAL". There are 139 trails listed. Paved, Unpaved and Dirt Trails are represented.Trails are sized according to their mileage and we attempted to geographically place all Trails according to where they are in the state. (quantities are very limited)

  • BIKEOWA Logo'd - some black with white ink, some with blue ink in various colors, but all have the BIKEIOWA logo on the front and a small logo on the back top. (quantities are limited)

Bargain Bin

We'll have some onesie-twosies that we'll be offering at a hefty discount. Get there early else they'll be gone like we will in the morning!

We'll also have a few thermal long-sleeves and Hoodie sweatshirts on hand. If you don't see them, ask, as we only have limited table space

Online Store

Our online store will be closed from July 15th until the first week in August. We'll get back and re-inventory everything and post what is left online.

How To Find Us

We'll be on Vine Street near the corner of E. Sharp Street right around the corner from the RAGBRAI outlet tent and across the square from the enterainment.

See the map below or click on this link and look for smiling folks under the black BIKEIOWA tent.





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