FOREST CITY, Iowa – Chris Clark is a professional stunt cyclist with the Schwinn Bicycle Company.

It is his fifteenth year of riding and says he’s had a passion for it ever since he was a kid.

“Bike riding for me, you know when I was a kid I was into airplanes and helicopters and it was something I really couldn’t pursue, but the idea of having that was so attractive to me so I got on a bike,” says Clark.

His shows are centered on mountain bike stunts, requiring him to ride over obstacles.

“You know my show’s all about just finding something you love to do and passionate about and getting out and pursuing it. I do a lot of shows for youth and just talking about finding a hobby and finding something you love or Saturday morning you get up and your excited to go do it and do it safely,” says Clark.

Schwinn Associate Manager Samantha Hersil says the Wit Grand National Rally is a perfect place for bike lovers.

“A lot people here at Winnebago are going to be using their bikes when they go to campgrounds or stopping at places and checking to have a multi-terrain bike and for that you’re going to really want a hybrid bike,” says Hersil.

She says finding the perfect bike is also crucial to prevent injury.

“It’s really important that you get a bike that fits you, something where you’re going to want to go to your local bike dealer to really test out the bike before you purchase it.”

As for Chris, he says:

“If you want to build skills, you can’t be scared. You want to really break down the main thing you want to learn into its simplest form and practice in a way you’re not scared.”






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