A local cyclist with a warning for drivers and athletes after being hit on her bike.

UNI student Melanie Schwitters was hit by a car last Tuesday while riding her bike to campus.

The accident happened at the intersection of Hudson and 18th Street.

Walking away with no serious injuries, Melanie knows she is very lucky.

"It happened like you would see it in the movies. She hit my bike. I landed on the hood of her car and then she proceeded to turn still with me on her car. Kind of scary. I rolled off the hood of her car and made it to the curb where I was safe. It was one of those deals where it was definitely alife flash before your eyes type of thing," said Melanie Schwitters.

Melanie was riding her bike to campus like she does every day,but when she crossed Hudson with the right-a-way,a woman made a right on red and slammed into Melanie.

"Obviously, I am too scared to ride my bike," said Melanie.

Although, she may not look like it,she didn't walk away without injury. A head injury and bruising through out her bodykeeping her from running a marathon this weekend on doctors orders.

But Melanie isn't entirely shocked. She has had many close calls,saying it is worse around campus with the high traffic and many pedestrians.

"I am not going to knock my own generation, but we are the worst. We are texting and driving. We are with six people in our car jamming to the radio. You don't pay attention. It is easy for drivers not to see you in the corner of their eye," said Melanie.

Now the driver who hit Melanie was 89-years-oldand wasn't texting, but still didn't see Melanie before she turned.

Melanie was also hit in her car a year ago this month by a distracted driver who was texting.

She isasking both drivers and athletes to slow down and take the time to look instead of always being in a rush to get to your destination.

The driver in Tuesday crash was ticketed for not yielding to a pedestrian.






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