• Tue October 26 2004
  • Posted Oct 26, 2004
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 For Immediate Release October 24, 2004 The Board Of Directors of the Tyler Hamilton Foundation announce the creation of Tyler has four goals and dreams in life: to reach the podium, to win a Gold Medal, to cure MS and to change the face of US Cycling. He did not achieve his goal to reach the podium in the 2004 Tour de France due to a severe injury to his back. He left the Tour and as Tyler does, he immediately set off in pursuit of his next goal - the Gold Medal. On August 18th, Tyler won the Gold Medal in the Men's Time Trial in Athens with a time of 57' 11". It was a dream come true. He had worked all his life to reach that moment, never stopping and always pushing himself further. And in the fight against MS, he pushed himself further and again, went above and beyond. In January 2004, he started the Tyler Hamilton Foundation as a vehicle to increase funding towards the eradication of this devastating disease. But Tyler still needed to do more to improve and enhance US Cycling by providing opportunities and guidance to youth cyclists. As Tyler has demonstrated over and over again, he fights hard for what he believes in and he continually gives back. He tenaciously pursues his goals, despite every obstacle he encounters. His goals are not selfish but encompass the well being of thousands. He has made a difference in the lives of so many individuals across the United States. But in September, Tyler Hamilton, an icon in the sport of cycling and the hero to many, was accused of doping. His life was literally turned around in a matter of minutes. His career is in jeopardy and his impeccable reputation tarnished. In the short time that followed the accusation, Tyler won his Gold Medal for a second time but there is still a long, hard battle in the fight to defend his innocence to the UCI and WADA. This battle will take time, money and belief that Tyler was wrongly accused. Across the world, individuals have stepped forward in support of Tyler. This support has come even before Tyler has been able to tell his side of the story. The support is overwhelming and an indication of the man Tyler Hamilton is - an honorable man and a fair and clean cyclist. Due to the fact that we were already receiving unsolicited donations to help Tyler clear his name, we decided to formalize this process with Believe Tyler. Support Tyler. And support his dream to change the face of US Cycling. Contributions to the Believe Tyler Campaign will help fund his defense and will help fund programs through the Tyler Hamilton Foundation to educate junior cyclists on the dangers of doping and drugs. It is an important education, and perhaps the best method to ensure that the sport of professional cycling is a clean sport, and that achievements that are won, are won by hard work, dedication and pure athletic ability. The challenge of Tyler's integrity is the challenge of the integrity of all that know him. Help Tyler and the Tyler Hamilton Foundation make it right again. Please forward this release to anyone who might want to help or learn more about Tyler's case. Believe Tyler. Chris Davenport Chair, Board of Directors, Tyler Hamilton Foundation Davenport MountainSport Inc. 90 Katydid Lane Snowmass, Colorado 81654 970-927-9207 970-927-9281 fax

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