Inside Ruby's Bicycle Shop in Davenport, you can find Fritz Schafer most days tinkering away.

He's been repairing bikes for decades and says he's loved riding bikes since he was three years old.

"It's freedom," he says. "It kind of sounds weird. But as soon as you get away from mom and dad and you can ride around the block by yourself, you're free."

Schafer has been riding free all over the country and the Quad Cities since then.

"We need to look at cycling as a better transportation for our citizens," he says. "You get physically, emotionally, mentally healthier."

Schafer says he wants more people to join the biking community, and a new initiative in Davenport could help.

Davenport City Council members passed a multi-modal transportation plan, Davenport GO, during their meeting last week. It includes a focus on bicyclists and pedestrians when street projects are being planned. It also has a plan to better connect the bike trails and paths throughout Davenport and beyond.





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