Cedar Rapids city officials are reminding residents that bikes, as well as scooters and skateboards, are not to be ridden on sidewalks in the downtown area and surrounding districts.

That includes NewBo, Czech Village, and Kingston Village.

The city recently installed decals that read “Walk Your Wheels” on many sidewalks to remind bike riders that they are to walk their bikes in those areas. Riders can, however, use the bike lanes and full travel lanes.

Other safety reminders for cyclists include:

- Follow the Law: Obey all traffic laws at all times.
- Use Headgear: Protect your head by wearing a helmet.
- Go with the Flow: Always ride in the same direction as traffic (usually, on the right side of the street).
- Yield to Pedestrians: When on a trail, alert pedestrians to your presence by saying "on your left" before passing.
- Stay Alert: Pay attention to your surroundings and ride predictably.
- Use Hand Signals: Let others know where you're going by always signaling 100 feet before your turn.

For more information from the city, Click here.




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