For kids, learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage.

But, mastering the skill isn't always a smooth ride.

Sinclair reporter Megan O'Rourke has this edition of the "Family 411" report, with more information about teaching little ones to ride - without the stress.

Most moms and dads have fond memories of taking their bike out for a ride.

But, for a lot of kids, just spending time outdoors is also a thing of the past.

"They're on their tablets an awful lot, and TV, and I think being outside is really important, especially, again, for that coordination,” said mother Jennifer Macht. “And bike-riding, it's fun and I don't think kids do it enough these days."

Jennifer is hoping to change that with her own twins.

They're among some families taking part in a special class, tackling everything from basic skill to general bike safety.

"Definitely important that they learn and that they have the confidence and that they're able to just enjoy this part of childhood, but also be safe doing this,” said mother Laura Johnson.

"It's really great to see kids outdoors and having fun with their families,” said physical therapist Sarah Davis.

Davis says a lot of parents try to go at it alone and teach their own children.

That plan, under stressful circumstances, can backfire.

“So, a lot of times it’s easier to hear it from a stranger or therapist,” said Davis.








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