• Wed October 16 2019
  • Posted Nov 18, 2019
Linn Area Credit Union helps bring All Kids Bike program to Marion Independent School District

Six-year-old Journey Burns is excited to show off her bicycle skills at Starry Elementary when the school launches the All Kids Bike program next month.

“I hope I don’t fall off,” she said as she threw a ball in PE class last Friday.

All Kids Bike is a national nonprofit that teaches kids how to ride bikes. The school district will receive 22 Strider balance bikes with pedal conversion kits and 22 adjustable helmets for the program.

Kindergartners at Starry and Longfellow elementary schools in the Marion Independent School District will learn to ride the bikes through the All Kids Bike program funded by Linn Area Credit Union.

Teaching kindergartners to ride bikes will be an adventure, said Jason Haag, PE teacher at Starry.

Haag said he was just starting to dive into the eight-lesson curriculum.

Students begin on a Strider bike — a bike without pedals to teach kids how to balance. Eventually, they can work up to riding a two-wheel bike. Haag said it takes only a screw or two to put the pedals on.

“They move at their own pace. Throughout the program some kids might be in the Strider (balance) position for a while where others might advance to pedals sooner,” Haag said.

The bikes are being assembled Thursday by volunteers from the Midwest Xtreme Triathlon Club.

The curriculum will be launched in November at Starry and in March at Longfellow, teaching almost 150 kindergartners how to ride bikes.







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