Iowa City has authorized an agreement with Gotcha Mobility LLC to bring a dockless electric-assist bike-share to the city. The city will incur no costs aside from helping to launch it and to designate bike parking.

As an avid cyclist who bikes almost every day, Iowa City, Iowa, transportation services director Darian Nagle-Gamm knows a thing or two about the hills around town.

She also knows hills can be an obstacle for some people who turn to bikes as a commuting option. That’s one of the reasons Nagle-Gamm is excited about a fleet of electric-assist bicycles coming soon to the city.

“The first thing I did was take it straight up a hill,” she said of test-riding one of the electric-assist bikes. “I was pretty amazed at the ease at which you could pedal up hills. It really has the potential to be a pretty major game changer in terms of enabling bike use for a greater number of your trips around town.”






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