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  • Posted Apr 8, 2020

Social Distancing & How to Stay Healthy on the Trails

Our friends at IMBA wrote the following blog. Original can be found here.

Getting out on the trails is tremendously valuable. Trails bring us together, but to keep each other safe, we must keep our distance. How can our community navigate this challenge?

In strange times such as these, we often find ourselves flocking towards the trails to seek personal refuge and decompression. Due to this, we've seen an increase in traffic along our trails - those who aren't our typical trail users and might not understand proper trail etiquette. We urge our community to practice mindfulness and respect others while enjoying your local trail network. With that being said, help us spread awareness beyond Facebook. If you see something that should require reporting, contact the land manager - noted on the trail signage and listed below.

Is it safe to ride trails?

Do you live in a densely populated area? If so, it will likely be hard to consistently practice safe social distancing on local trails. You may hate this, but consider riding roads, gravel, paths, or even riding indoors as safer alternatives for social distancing. Remember, it's only temporary! If you are considering going to a local trail, try off-peak hours and take cues from the trailhead to assess whether the trail is crowded. Always be ready to abandon your plans for safety. When in doubt: stay home.

Please, ride cautiously. No crashing allowed!

If you do choose to ride, it is imperative to ride within your skill level. This will minimize the strain on healthcare facilities and avoid exposure risks for yourself and for medical staff.

What if I had a trip planned?

Postpone any trips for now, and wait to reschedule until the safe timeline to do so becomes clear. We know this is difficult and disappointing. But to protect small towns andgateway communities, mountain bikers and all recreationists have a responsibility to stay home. In fact, your favorite destinationmight be requesting it. When in doubt: stay home.

How can trail users pass responsibly with social distance?

Stay alert, slow down, and communicate with each other from a distance about how to proceed. Better yet, take the initiative to yield and offer space. With gyms and rec centers closing, there may be new users on the trails. It’s a great time for community education onresponsible ridingand for being patient, exemplary stewards.

Trails Maintained by CITA & Closures Due to COVID-19

Check with the park, land manager and/or local government regularly for updates. This information is changing rapidly.






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