Want to go on a 75-mile bicycle ride on Memorial Day? One Iowa veteran plans to do just that. Larry Ritland, a Vietnam Veteran and 38-year member of American Legion Post 307 in Roland, Iowa, will honor veterans this Memorial Day in a unique way.

“Having most Memorial Day observances canceled or drastically scaled back is heartbreaking,” said Ritland. “Growing up in little Roland, Iowa attending the Memorial Day Parade is what you did on Memorial Day. The fondest memories in my younger years were watching three of my uncles, along with dozens of other local veterans, march down Main Street every Memorial Day. This could be the first year in 75 years, probably more, my family will not have the chance to honor military members of our family.”

“Since the Civil War there has been a Ritland serving in every major conflict”, Ritland commented proudly, “Although I’m not one hundred per cent sure about the Spanish-American War.”

Ritland has a strong history of cycling his way through milestones, starting in 2016 when he celebrated his May 31 birthday by riding 68 miles to match his age of 68. In 2016 Ritland bicycled the Alaska Highway to honor his uncle, Lloyd Ritland, who helped build the road during World War II.

In 2019, he commemorated the 100th anniversary of the American Legion by cycling 100 miles on his birthday. Last summer Ritland, along with his support team of one (wife Kay), spent 74 days bicycling across the entire country, Washington State to Washington, DC, also as a tribute to the American Legion’s 100th Anniversary.

Of course this year at the end of May is birthday number 72.

After learning of so many Memorial Day services being canceled, including the one in his hometown, Ritland decided to incorporate the Memorial Day observance into his 72nd birthday ride. He plans to honor his namesake veteran relatives by cycling through eight central Iowa communities.

“I wanted to honor my relatives for their military service, Ritland said, but really I will be honoring all veterans.” The ride will cover around 75 miles, starting in Slater at 6:00 am where a cousin, Herb Ritland, is buried. From Slater, Ritland will make stops to honor relatives in Huxley, Ames, McCallsburg, Garden City, Radcliffe, Story City and ending in Roland about 1:00 pm.

For the entire ride Ritland will be carrying seven US flags. At the Roland Cemetery he will place a flag on seven different graves. A flag will be placed on the grave of his great-great grandfather Ole Ritland who, along with wife Sarah and seven children, arrived in America from Norway in 1855. Next will be great grandfather John Ritland who served three and a half years in the Union Army during the Civil War. He, along with fellow Civil War soldier Jonas Duea, also buried in the Roland Cemetery, served together and survived many battles, including the Battle of Vicksburg and Battle of Nashville.

An interesting story Ritland likes to share is that his sister, Karen, is married to Paul Munson of Story City. Paul Munson’s great grandfather is Jonas Duea. How rare is that? A married couple, both with a great grandfather who served together during the Civil War.

The next grave will be that of Uncle Earl Ritland who served four years in the US Navy just prior to World War II. Then Ritland will honor the service of four uncles who served in World War II; Virgil Twedt (KIA, Europe - 1944), Robert Risdal - Europe, Carroll Ritland - Europe, Lloyd Ritland - Alaska Highway & Okinawa. Many relatives on his mother’s side served as well, including Uncle Lyle Froh of Ft. Dodge in World War II, cousin Virginia Mahn of Ankeny during the Cold War, and cousin Conrad Froh of Anchorage, Alaska during the Vietnam War.

While most formal Memorial Day events are canceled, Ritland hopes people, following social distancing guidelines, will take the time to get out and remember our heroes. If anyone wants to ride a few miles with him, Ritland says he would welcome the company. It will be an easy pace of 10-12 mph with time for breaks. Ritland’s wife plans to ride with him from Radcliffe to Roland.

Following is a brief itinerary with the time in each community. And anyone is free to call Ritland (515.460.3661) for an update on his progress if you might want to meet up with him along the route.

Slater - leave at 6:00am

Huxley - 6:25-6:35am

Ames - 7:35-7:45am

McCallsburg - 9:30-9:40am

Garden City (the country cemetery) - 10:20-10:30am

Radcliffe - 11:05-11:15am

Story City - 12:30-12:40pm

Roland - arrive 1:10pm

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