• Marina Bach
  • Tue December 08 2020
  • Posted Dec 31, 2020
Good new for bikers and trail walkers in Siouxland this week besides the warmer temperatures. The Riverfront Trail between Hamilton and Riverside Park will remain open as construction continues on the Chris Larson Riverfront Development Project.

“I enjoy bike riding because it gets me out to do something, but I also like the scenery,” said Brad Arndt, a member of the Siouxland Cyclist organization.

Arndt has been an avid bicyclist for 13 years, seeing firsthand how Sioux City has added trails over the years.

“Have a nice addition in our trail system in Sioux City Chautauqua Park, which connects us to Floyd Trail, outer belt, Perry creek, North Sioux Trail, and also South Sioux, so making a lot strides in the last five years,” said Arndt.

The 12-mile trail between Hamilton and Riverside will continue to be an option for riders as the Chris Larson Riverfront Development project takes shape.

“The contractor did allow that opportunity for the trail to remain open and for our citizens to continue to use it, even during the construction phase, so that was really good,” said Angel Wallace, manager with the Sioux City Parks and Recreation department.


“We are working on the PlyWood trail between Sioux City and Le Mars. If they get that done, that will be a 30-mile one-way trail and that would be a great addition to our trail system and that will catch us up with Sioux Falls and Des Moines,” said Arndt.

The Riverfront Project comes with a price tag of around $13 million.





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