We did it! The Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s original policy, adding distracted driving to the required topics for driver education, has unanimously passed the Iowa Legislature. House File 380 brings the life-saving topic of distracted driving alongside other required topics including substance abuse, sharing the road with bicycles and motorcycles, railroad crossings, and organ donation. This is an important step that will assure all new drivers in Iowa will receive instruction about the dangers of distracted driving.

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition brought this issue to the attention of legislators and helped craft the language of the bill. Rep. Best and Sen. Lofgren filed the bills. Sen. Rozenboom and Rep. Gerhold managed the bill from the floor. The legislation passed unanimously in both chambers. The bill still must be signed by the governor.

Please thank your legislators for passing this integral piece of traffic safety legislation. We’ve set up an easy-to-use form that generates an email to your legislators at

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